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You Can Now Get Dibs On Pat McGrath Products—On Sale! Here's How!

When is the right time to upgrade your beauty kit? We say now is the time. Whether you're looking to refresh your kit or upgrade some tools, the Sephora Beauty Pass Sale couldn't have come at a better time! We're setting our alarm for April 25 (April 24th for Gold Members) because we're about to do some major beauty shopping!



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As you most probably already know, Sephora is home to cult favorite brands, up-and-coming brands, and classic beauty brands, all available at the click of a finger! We're constantly on the lookout for fresh finds, but sometimes, we have to find out whether some cult favorites like luxury beauty brand Pat McGrath is worth the purchase. We sampled some of their top products, to prove if adding these to cart is something you really must do, come April 25th!


The Brand

Pat McGrath Labs, simply put, is the brainchild of celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Pat McGrath. Best known as the master behind some of the world's best glossies, fashion and beauty editorials, fashion campaigns, and runway shows in Paris, New York, London, and Milan, Pat has proven time and time again that her expertise for beauty is unparalleled. The beauty brand is just a mere three years old, but the eponymous line has already made its mark in the beauty world, and its way into our dressers. 



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From the iconic Mattetrance lipstick, to the coveted Mothership Eyeshadow Palette, these luxury beauty products are yes, on the pricier side, but truly worth every penny. For beauty fans like myself, I find that spending hard-earned cash on luxury beauty products has its perks, mostly because I know that I am buying quality. 


The Verdict

For starters, Pat McGrath herself pours her heart and soul into each one of these products, infusing each one with her signature outrageous yet classy (READ: expensive) aesthetic. Rich, luscious lipsticks, highly pigmented shimmer eyeshadows, megawatt highlighters and precise eyeliners—these are just some of the picks you need to try to achieve any one of her imitated-never-duplicated beauty looks. 

A look back at some of her past works:




"This is the golden age of makeup. PAT McGRATH LABS is my Golden Revolution. The entire planet is just as cosmetics obsessed as I’ve always been. Makeup is a movement. Makeup is mesmerizing. Makeup is major. Mantra-esque, three words have repeated over and over in my mind ever since I was young. Obsession. Inspiration. Addiction. Those words became my guiding principles, my manifesto as I brought this brand to life . I wanted to capture, in a quartet of exquisite palettes, 50 legendary lipsticks, a divine dozen eyeliners and five fetish-worthy lip pencils, The Power of Transformation, The Power of Beauty;  The Power of Makeup." - Pat McGrath, CEO & Founder of PAT McGRATH LABS (via


These products are proudly made in Italy, and are also cruelty-free, meaning none of these amazing products have been tested on our furry friends! What's more—every piece is packed in a stunning case or box, making each one a collector's item of sorts. You truly get an entire beauty experience with each one, making it a must in every beauty lover's kit. Check out my personal picks below:



Pat McGrath Luxetrance Lipstick in Tropicalia

Basically my go-to shade for the season, a peachy-orange creamy finish that makes my lips appear full, luscious, and oh-so-summery! While it's highly pigmented, you will need to touch up after a meal, or dab on some lip balm if you want that barely there finish. Shop here


Pat McGrath Mattetrance Lipstick in Omi

This is my first ever Pat McGrath purchase—her signature matte formula that promises intense color minus the stiff, dry, sticky feeling other formulas tend to have. Trivia: I loved this hue so much I had to wear it on my wedding day! Shop here


Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette in Sublime Bronze Ambition

Your palette of choice if you're not ready to commit to a 10-shade eyeshadow palette just yet. This handy palette features six essential shades you need to create a statement eye anytime, anywhere! My personal fave features warm tones (pictured above). Shop here

Pat McGrath Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

The holy grail of eyeshadow palettes—Pat McGrath's Mothership palette is the palette of choice for most pro makeup artists, for its ease of use, expertly curated shades, and highly pigmented formula (one swipe is seriously enough to cover your lid). Go for this is you're willing to shell out some extra bucks (it retails for P8,000 but will go on sale at come April 25!) Four different palettes are available, allowing for endless makeup experiments! Shop here


Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo in Nude

The highlighter you need for days when you can't be bothered with a brush. Just swipe on, blend with fingers, and voila—you're done! What's more, it has a balm on the opposite end to help create that dewy look that's nowhere near a sweaty look that no one likes. Shop here


Pat McGrath Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in BLK Coffee

I am a self-confessed liquid eyeliner girl, but since having had eyelash extensions done, I have avoided using liquid liner for the simple reason that it would be a nightmare to clean! Not that I need eyeliner with the eyelash extensions I have on, but having tried this formula, I now have a go-to for days when I need extra oomph for my eyes (READ: parties or dinners). It is really, really easy to apply, and equally easy to remove (I use micellar water). Opt for a hue like BLK Coffee if you're not a fan of anything too severe. Shop here


The Sale

And now that I've fully convinced you that these picks are truly worth it, it's time to reveal how you can avail of these items at a limited-time-only SALE! Welcome to Sephora's Beauty Pass Sale, the time where you can shop sitewide at 15% or 20% off, depending on your membership type!

Once you create an account with, you automatically become a White Beauty Pass member, and as you keep shopping for beauty goodies, your points accumulate, and your membership level upgrades! 

White Members get 15% off sitewide with code WHITE15, Black members get 20% off sitewide with code BLACK20, and Gold members get 20% off sitewide with code GOLD20.

Not satisfied with just being a White member? Upgrade to Black by accumulating purchases worth P10,500 within 1.5 years, and Gold by spending an accumulated P52,500! Why upgrade? You don't just get perks like birthday points and members-only promotions, you also get amazing insider perks like a welcome gift, birthday gift, private sales, access to exclusive events and launches, and custom makeovers!


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