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Sisters In Beauty: These Are The Best Beauty Lessons You Can Learn From Alex and Toni Gonzaga

A sister-sister relationship is special in so many ways. No matter how much you bicker and annoy one another sometimes, nothing compares to the joy and love that comes with having a best girlfriend for life. Along with being your #1 support system, it also comes with the fact that there is always someone who grows, cries, and laugh with you. More importantly, if you’re both fashion and beauty lovers, there's someone you can share, exchange and borrow clothes and makeup! Sounds like a pretty good perk, right? 

As such, we’re celebrating sisterhood by highlighting our current digital cover girls Alex and Toni Gonzaga’s best beauty moments and what we can learn from them. You’ll never know, the Gonzaga sisters might just give you the revamp you need for your #beautygoals! Read on...


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Contour, contour, contour.


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Toni is a pro at contouring, and she never lets us forget it. With a bit of shading and highlighting, any woman can slim and sculpt her features with a few brush strokes.


The shorter, the better!


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When Toni chopped her hair into a bob, her style instantly went from safe to daring.  And it surely got us thinking if we need a hair update too!


Volume is key.


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When Toni finds a look that works for her, she tends to stick with it. Through the years, we noticed how much Toni loves to create texture and volume to her hair. We can’t blame her, as it make one's hair look thicker and have a little more body—a must for anyone with limp, lifeless hair!


Forget the low buns, a high ponytail is really cute!

Alex has taught us that high ponytails can work for any occasion. You can rock this classic hairstyle to the gym or to the office, and then to a party where you can channel you inner Ariana Grande at night! We dare you to try this one out STAT!


Emphasize your brows.

For Alex, “kilay is life.” Even with very little makeup, her eyes stand out because of her well-shaped, subtly filled-in brows. The takeaway: Framing one's face with perfectly groomed eyebrows is key!


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Want more sisterly beauty goodness? We put together a gallery of the best beauty moments of Toni and Alex for your daily dose of beauty inspiration. Check 'em out! 



Lead photos by Charisma Lico. Gallery photos via Macy Dionido and John Valle