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So '90s! The New Brow Must-Have Is Inspired By Your Childhood Pen!

Remember those clicky pens all the nineties cool kids had in school? The ones with different ink colors so you could color-code your notes? If you owned this clever invention back in the day, then this imaginative revival might be very good news for you! 



Delivering an instant dose of nostalgia, Benefit releases a four-in-one brow tool that is specially designed to fill, define, and highlight your eyebrows. It’s a click pen with four settings: a lighter brown shade (to fill the front of your brows), a deeper shade (to fill the end), an edge-definer shade (to clean the edges), and an arch highlighter shade. The pencil comes in five different shades to fit an array of skin tones and hair colors. Check out this quick guide to learn how to expertly define your brows using the new Brow Contour Pro: 



But do not be fooled by this brow product’s shape or name—its consistency is actually more of a gel-like formula that’s meant to be blended.



Navigating the pen isn’t quite as intuitive as writing with them was. But it’s definitely perfect for travel—imagine, you can now achieve that Insta brow of yours without needing to deal with multiple brushes, products, and concealer. Genius!


Lead photos via Benefit Cosmetics Philippines and Benefit Cosmetics US