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Space Technology Meets Makeup: Benefit’s New BADgal Bang Mascara Offers Gravity-Defying Volume For Your Lashes


Want 36 hours of full, black, and bold lashes? Benefit’s newest BADgal Bang! mascara is the answer.


Full-volume lashes will never fail to give that extra pop to your eyes, perfect for a casual get-together with your friends or a crazy night out. But volumizing mascaras have always come with the tradeoffs: the mascara feels heavy, would tend to smudge, and applying can get very messy.


But after four years of development, Benefit has finally come up with a volumizing mascara that delivers all the pros—minus all the cons. Benefit’s new BADgal Bang! mascara promises to deliver long-wearing full lashes without the heaviness  by introducing two new revolutions: a gravity-defying formula and a new streamlined Slimpact brush.


The secret behind the weightless formula is simple. Victor Saint-Père, General Manager South East Asia & India at Benefit Cosmetics, explains, “We are using space technology. The mascara is made up of aero particles, which is the lightest material in the world, made up of 92 percent air. It is so light that you can apply it again and again without it feeling heavy! It has intense pitch black color, it’s water resistant. And it’s infused with ProVitamin B5 for lashes to become thicker and stronger. The formula is a big innovation. You will never have another mascara that will be as good as this.”

General Manager Victor Saint-Père in a space suit explaining the technology behind BADgal Bang! 


And the second part of this out-of-this-world innovation is in the brush. In the beauty industry, big volume has always been equaled to a big mascara brush. But with Benefit’s BADgal Bang!, that’s not the case anymore. The Slimpact brush is very small and petite compared to usual volumizing brushes, equipped with 300 bristles so you can go anywhere, with full control, corner to corner, root to tip. With this brush you can really have the application you want to achieve those full-volume lashes that will last you hours.

“We like to come to the market with true innovation. That’s what excites us,” Saint-Père said. And the BADgal Bang! Mascara really accomplished what Benefit wanted and delivered.


Better get this for your kit!


Benefit’s insider tip to applying the mascara: Wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes then stroke through to the tips of your lashes. This creates extra lift and loads up every single little lash. For extra BADgal attitude, apply one coat to your lower lashes.


The BADgal Bang! mascara retails is now available in all Benefit stores across the country and via The mascara also comes in a mini travel-sized version, perfect for those who like to keep their beauty essentials, wherever they go.




Photos are courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics.