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We Tried Strokes By Momoi Supe's K-Lashes, The First Of Its Kind In The Country

We’ve found an effortless makeover to prepare you for all your upcoming holiday parties and reunions!

K-Drama and K-Beauty have surely taken over our world, with cosmetic and skincare brands, and Korean acts heading to our shores more than ever before! Our very own local beauty guru Momoi Supe joins in on the K-Beauty fun by introducing 'KLashes' at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio! Who's stoked?

Christmas season is fast approaching, which means parties and reunions are on their way! Being in a Filipino household, the holiday season is tied to a great deal of social gatherings with friends and families that you haven’t seen in ages. But as we squeeze in the amount of time we need to mingle with our loved ones, it’s also a must to take some time in preparing ourselves to look dolled up for the upcoming gatherings. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect way to achieve that glam look for just a little over an hour treatment, and in time for that last-minute makeover before your big holiday get together!

Eyelash extensions are all the rage now due to its convenience for beauty enthusiasts or for those who like to pull off an effortless makeup look. And while most salons offer the Japanese brand and method of eyelash extensions, Strokes Eye Beauty Studio introduced a new brand of eyelash extensions from one of the top beauty markets around the world.

“We had a Korean instructor who flew in September to train our staff. From the technique to the materials—its all Korean. Everything we use is hypo-allergenic and tested to make sure that it's 100% safe for the eyes,” shares Jas of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio.

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Before and after Wing K Lashes

K Lashes or Korean Lashes are high-quality eyelash extensions made from premium sable hair which is a feather-like material that close to an actual human hair. This type of synthetic lashes is cruelty-free and allows you to enjoy that alluring lashes minus the weight and hassle of using mascaras on a daily basis. 

K Lashes vary among four types—Classic K, Wispy K, Wing, and Warm K Lashes. Now don’t worry if you’re undecided on which style to pick on your first try. They will gladly recommend a specific type of KLashes depending on the shape of your eyes, to emphasize its beauty even more!

Click on our gallery below to see the K Lashes offered by Strokes Eye Beauty Studio:

It’s time to enjoy lashes made better, lighter, and prettier!  

Visit their Instagram page @strokesbeautyph for more information.

Photos courtesy of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio