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What's An Airblush And Why Do You Need One (Or All) In Your Life!

Local beauty brand Sunnies Face did it again! After almost a year since it’s launched into the ultra-competitive whirlwind that is the beauty sphere, the cult-favorite local beauty brand unveiled another product called the Airblush—a soft-focus sheer cheek tint.



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Last night, beauty fans went wild as Sunnies Face took to social media to debut their newest baby. Even Pati Dubroff, makeup guru to Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra noticed, “PLEASE! I need these. Xx your biggest fan."  

Girl bosses Martine Cajucom, Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano-Dee and Georgina Wilson also posted a sneak peek of the products on their social media accounts and a series of blush swatching posts, which made the fans even more excited to get their hands on it. According to these beauty mavens, Airblush has a luxury silky matte formula, ultra-fine pigments for buildable color, blends seamlessly for a filtered flush, with green tea for anti-oxidant action, paraben-free and cruelty-free as always, and it is formulated in Italy. 



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Maybe it’s the millennial branding, the Instagram-worthy packaging, or the social posts of aspirational aesthetics people love—but whatever it is, clearly the “beauty that gets you” message and the products made with this mantra in mind are resonating—we're all dying to have one!

To learn more about the product, we talked to the Sunnies Face Co-founder Jess Wilson and here, she shared why you need these six blendable and buildable cream-to-powder shades on your cheeks! 


Metro.Style: How long have the Sunnies Team been keeping Airblush a secret? 

Jess Wilson: “About a year now. We developed it right after we launched (Sunnies Face).”



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MS: Tell us more about Airblush and why your team decided to create them?

JW: “Airblush is a soft focus sheer cheek tint. We designed it to be the perfect in between—the ease of use of a cream blush with the finish of a powder. It’s really lightweight but highly pigmented. It’s a color filter for real life!

We wanted to create an easy to use blush with amazing colors in a luxury formula.”


MS: How do you use Airblush yourself? What’s your favorite Airblush shade?

JW: “My top colors are Razz and Moon. Razz is a beautiful vibrant berry shade that I love using all over my face, such a cute fresh look. Moon is a warm rose that mimics a sun tan without the damage.”



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MS: Got any blush tricks?

JW: “Just have fun with blush! Apply it where you want a little extra color.”


Lead photos from @martine, @jesswilson, @beibeidee and @ilovegeorgina