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Find Out The Best Brow Shapes To Flatter Your Face And The Must-Have Beauty Picks To Help You Create Them

If there’s one beauty trend that will never go out of style, it’s getting naturally beautiful eyebrows that are on fleek! And the good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on makeup or salons in order to keep it looking gorgeous even on regular days when you’re just at home. You’re sure to make a better statement on your next presentation, date or event after a quick brow touch up which can do so much to make you look more polished and pretty!



Knowing what to do with the shape of your eyebrows is the first step towards achieving that brow beautiful look.


Round Face

Round faces need a higher arch to make the face appear longer. The high arch creates more vertical lines which will create a lengthier e?ect on the face. Look for a brow shape that follows a straight line to the peak of the brow, and stay away from a rounded brow shape. Avoid rounded arcs which will only make your face rounder.


Square Face

Square faces need a softer curved brow in order to soften their strong jawline. Start with the curved brow shape then add more angle to create balance. Those with strong or bony jawlines should avoid thin and short brow shapes, and balance their look with a curved brow.


Oval Face

An oval face is known as the ideal facial shape with a wider forehead and prominent cheekbones. It looks best with soft angled eyebrows to best maintain the ideal shape. Choose a flat and soft angled brow which gently curves at the top.


Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are defined by a strong chin and a usually prominent forehead. Start with a low arch and rounded brow shape to create a more natural look. Avoid a highly arched brow: it can add length to a shorter heart-shaped face.


Long Face

The long face has an elongated feature which starts from forehead up to a sometimes prominent chin. Help your face appear shorter by going for a flat eyebrow shape. Create a horizontal line that can make the face appear shorter.



Be known for having the most attention-grabbing brows in the room with these must-have beauty loot from Revlon.



This brow pencil has an angled tip for precise application. It also comes with a brush to tame and sculpt brows. It comes in five natural shades. Stay pretty all day with its waterproof formula that lasts up to 24 hours.






This long- wearing product gives you the perfectly defined and shaped brow look you need in just one swipe. It comes in flattering shades of dark brown, soft black, soft brown, and blonde. This waterproof brow crayon has a buildable, blendable color for more intensity. It’s made with a unique wax powder formula that will last all day.



Whether you use them separately or together, get beautiful brows as you vary your look with these two versatile products. Use the pencil for a more defined brow. Then change it up for a more natural or thick eyebrow look by filling it in with the brow crayon. Either way, your eyebrows are guaranteed to be on fleek the whole day!


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