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TV & Film Makeup Artist Tanya Ong Spills His Behind-The-Scenes Beauty Secrets With Liza Soberano

Sure, working as a TV and film makeup artist can be exciting and fun. Imagine, a day full of collaboration with brilliant minds and having the chance to work with the best hairstylists, filmmakers and celebrities in the industry—this job truly comes with many perks! 



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But just like any other profession, being a film makeup artist can also be challenging and demanding at times. The makeup team work tirelessly through the day, from the initial application in the early hours of the morning until the last touch-ups before the camera rolls on the last shot of the day. Makeup artists are rigorous in their work ethic and are permanently on standby either onset or in the makeup room. Add to that the challenge on how to achieve the right look the character needs and the continuity of the actor in makeup.



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In this edition of our Pro Files, meet Tanya Ong—the one responsible for almost all of Liza Soberano’s looks for her hit movies and teleseryes including Bagani, Just The Way You Are, Forevermore and LizQuen’s latest movie, Alone/Together. Working with Liza for six years now, Tanya said that the young actress is very collaborative and cooperative. "She doesn't mind looking less glam if her character for either film or teleserye requires it," he shared.

Here's a throwback to some of Liza's best beauty moments by Tanya:


Needless to say, Tanya is such a pro when it comes to transforming his clients according to what the role needs. To know more about his top beauty secrets plus more details on his working relationship with Liza Soberano, check out our exclusive interview below:


Metro.Style: When did you start working with Liza and how was it like? 

Tanya Ong: I started working with Liza 2013, that's six years now. Our working relationship is very professional and at the same time family-like since we treat each other like family, I am an ate to her and she is like a younger sister to me.



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MS: What do you love the most about working with her?

TO: Working with Liza is very light and I may say easy as she is very collaborative and cooperative. We always make sure to stick with the character being asked of the role, she doesn't mind looking less glam if her character for either film or teleserye requires it. And also she is very good in continuity of looks which is very critical in film making.


MS: Tell us about her look for her latest movie Alone/Together.

TO: In Alone/Together, we were asked to create past, present and future looks for her. In the flashback scenes, we needed to make her look like an ordinary student set in a specific period of time in UP Diliman. Direk Tonet Jadaone wanted Liza to look very ordinary, a UP arts major student that focused more on her studies rather than her physical appearance.

In the present look, we were asked for a more mature look that requires dark shades of lips, basically a made-up look, a serious working girl type of a woman. Dark shades to reflect the unhappy character. While the third look is the present/future look which is the happy and free Christine, the look that truly expresses her personality —yung parang nahanap na nya ang sarili nya after all the struggles.



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MS: What's your favorite film/teleserye beauty look of Liza?

TO: My favorite is the Agnes Calay look for her that we created for the teleserye Forevermore. That one made a mark and one of her most iconic character look in thr television, as for the movie I think Christine is my current favorite.



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MS: What's the best part of being a Film/TV makeup artist? And what it the most challenging part about it?

TO: The best part of being a film makeup artist is that you contribute a lot in giving life to the character making it visually available for the audience to appreciate. And the most challenging part is how to tone down the beauty of Liza Soberano if the character asks for it.



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Lead photos from Liza Soberano and Tanya Ong