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Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Teviant Artist Collection!

The celebrity makeup artists behind this collaboration made sure to give you A-list worthy products!

Beauty lovers, rejoice! The day has finally come where you can buy the new and much-awaited cult-worthy products from local cosmetics brand Teviant!

In an exclusive interview with Teviant founder Albert Kurniawan, we asked him about how the collaboration came about, and what his friendship with fellow celebrity makeup artists Mark Qua and Jelly Eugenio is like. In a heartfelt and fun Q&A, we discovered that much of their friendship began from humble beginnings. They are three hardworking, passionate dreamers—now launching their very first makeup collaboration, a culmination of sorts for years of dedication to their craft. 

L to R: Jelly Eugenio, Mark Qua, and Albert Kurniawan

Here, we let you in on the details of each of the products they start selling today! Each line is inspired by each of the makeup artists' expertise, or better yet, what clients go to them for. Safe to say the three of them complement one another, as each of these products are total must-haves in any woman's kit. We don't want to make you wait any further, so scroll ahead, and get excited about what you're going to add to your vanity kit!

Teviant Artist Collection Blush to Flush Palette

"They say I'm good with bridal glow looks, and I'm able to bring out that natural radiance and freshness in my clients, therefore it's a blush palette for me." —Albert Kurniawan

The Blush to Flush palette is made with the finest raw materials in Italy, and was formulated to allow effortless blending and form-fitting consistency. It has a special, extremely thin texture that makes the product soft and velvety, making it easy to apply. It contains aloe vera, apricot oil, and burdock to help soothe skin, as well as a blend of pigments and pearls for that covetable glow! It comes in Rosette, Arancia, and Anemone shades.

The Blush To Flush Palettes

Teviant Artist Collection Glow to Glass Palette

"As for Mark Qua, he is well-known for making his clients’ skin look so flawless, glowing, and even smooth-glass skin like. There is always that element of glow, glass, and dewiness", says Albert, so it makes sense that he designed a highlighting palette for the collection.

The Glow to Glass palettes give you a glass-like glow with blinding diamond shine! Just like the blush palettes, it's infused with aloe vera and apricot oil to soothe skin. It has intense pigments, and is integrated with special ingredients to allow for ultra high-shine! No need to actually do the tedious 10-step Korean skincare routine to get that glow, because one swipe of these highlighters gives you the same effect! 

It has a soft, cream-like consistency that allows even fingertips to blend it, and allows it to give off a natural radiance we all need. Consisting of a glowing powder and glass-skin pearl powder, this duo palette serves "ultra-shine crystal effect", truly celebrity-worthy! The Glow to Glass palette comes in Resin, Astral, and Florid shades.

The Glow to Glass Palettes

Teviant Sculpt to Bronze Palette

"Jelly is known to transform the faces of his muses to the next level, and his strength is definitely to manipulate someone's features to help them look their best", shares Albert. A bronzing and sculpting palette was a great fit for Jelly, hence the Sculpt to Bronze palette!

There's no doubt about how a good bronzer can instantly transform a face from dull to vibrant, as that sun-kissed effect lends a much needed jolt of life to a tired face. This palette lends a sun-kissed bronze and a sculpted effect in one, and gives skin moisture it needs. It contains extra microfine pearls and powder,giving off an elegant silky touch for easy blendability! It is able to sculpt your face through an "almost tridimensional" luminosity. The Sculpt to Bronze palette comes in Morocco, Palermo, and Mykonos shades.

The Teviant Sculpt to Bronze Palette
The Teviant Artist Collection

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