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Albert Kurniawan Promises a Brighter Future for His Beauty Brand Teviant

As the makeup artist’s brand makes its much-anticipated comeback, Albert Kurniawan promises that everyone will fall in love with their upcoming releases even more than their bestsellers!

It is no secret that Albert Kurniawan is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the industry—and it was quite inevitable for him to launch his own makeup brand. Now five years since launching Teviant, it is making its comeback and promises that what’s in store is more promising than ever.

The comeback starts with the launch of the brand’s freshest drop—new shades of their well-loved Eye Intensifier Waterproof Eye Pencils and Liquid Liners. Releasing more wearable hues for your everyday look, it boasts of professional quality of pigments for a total statement. “The goal is for an everyday woman to achieve a daily makeup look as if it was professionally done or as if it was done by Albert Kurniawan. It still has glamor; at the same time, not intimidating for those who are new to using makeup,” the beauty expert says.

Albert Kurniawan
It also saw an upgrade from its previous formulations, making it more suitable to last the heat and humidity of Asian countries like the Philippines. “What makes the collection better than the previous ones is that we are more driven this time,” Albert tells Metro.Style. “The longevity of the products when wearing it definitely improved, hence, we claim that these are all smudge-proof, water-proof, and long lasting.”
Teviant's new lineup of waterproof eye pencils

With such a promising return, the brand is excited to share that it has more surprises coming along the way. Surviving the pandemic, which Albert says is the hardest challenge the brand overcame, fueled him to pursue better things for Teviant moving forward. “We took the time to learn everything and grow in terms of knowledge in doing business. Teviant is resilient and is ready to grow more,” he adds.

Albert with his parents at the recent re-launch of Teviant

With that, Albert aims to put Teviant back to its glory once again. He teases, “Whatever you’ve seen in the past are basically the best formulation of the basics—like basic eyeshadow, basic blush on, and basic lipstick. So if you already love those, you are going to love our upcoming launches more. Because for every formulation, we made sure to work on it the best way possible so that no other brand will have the same formula as ours.”

And while we wait for these exciting things to arrive, this creative wants you to play with your colors and not be afraid of actually using your makeup! “My number one trick is that makeup should be an expression of your mood or your current feeling or a certain character that you want to portray. So there’s nothing to be scared or intimidated about,” he explains. “If you made a mistake, you just have to erase it and redo it. Practice makes it perfect.”

Below, find his ultimate tips in achieving a glam that’s totally yours—it’s time to get schooled by none other than the expert himself!

1. Make use of your powder products. “In humid or hot countries like the Philippines, you need to set cream products with powder so it would stay longer.”

2. Learn the proper way to curl your lashes! “Curl the lashes at the bottom of the roots. Then fill in a lot of formula on the base first, before spreading it out. You have to build two to three layers of products in the roots of the lashes. In Teviant, we provide a smaller spoolie which is meant to be applied at the roots to deliver products. Building good, nicely curled lashes by using mascara is just like building a house. You have to make the foundation really strong to support the weight of the lashes. 


3. Use two products to create perfect 3D eyebrows. “To have great 3D-looking eyebrows, you have to use a darker color from the arch of your brows until the outer corner and use a more matte and softer color on the inner corner or the starting point of your brows. By doing this, you can easily achieve a nice beautiful eyebrow that is still natural looking.”

4. Use multi-use products. “If you are afraid of doing eyeshadow and if you don’t know how to blend eyeshadow in general, just use Teviant Multi-glaze eyeshadow pen. It’s meant for every woman with the least knowledge of eyeshadow application. Just swipe the cream part and then tap with fingertip and voila! It will look like a well-blended eye.”

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