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9 2021 Beauty Trends We're Taking With Us To 2022

Graphic liner, or full-on pink hair, anyone?

2021 may have been one heck of a ride—it was a tough one, but we made it through! At the start of a fresh, promising year, we ought to look back at all that we've done, experiences we've had, new things we tried, and those that we're keeping with us in 2022. This includes beauty trends that for us beauty lovers, comprised some of the most fun things we've tried in the past year. Whether you were a mainstay on TikTok on the lookout for the next explosive makeup hack, or a celebrity beauty fan, we rounded up 9 of our favorite 2021 beauty trends, that we can definitely still see ourselves doing in 2022. Swipe through the gallery below:

All The Wellness Trends That Defined 2021


All The Wellness Trends That Defined 2021