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Estee Lauder's Holiday Compacts Are A Makeup Collector's Dream


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Any makeup collector knows about the annual Estee Lauder Holiday Compacts collection, and how it’s truly a beauty gift like no other. In golden cases, decorated with fine carvings and embellishments, these little trinkets make a lavish statement on any vanity counter. This year’s collection is once again in collaboration with jeweler and photographer, Monica Rich Kosann, and is inspired by the Hearst Castle in California.



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Lush gardens and nature motifs, mixed with a touch of the aquatic, the Estee Launder Holiday Compact Collection is a dreamy cast of paradise. Whether you prefer the solid perfume set, or the pressed powder set, there’s definitely something there that will catch your fancy. They’re all so stunning, though, so we might as well collect them all! 




Cover photo is from Estee Lauder website.