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The Mom’s Day High Five Style Fix — Lifestyle Picks To Perk Up The Momma On Her Special Day

The thing about moms on Mother’s Day is that all throughout the year they spend more than half their time caring for other people—getting a sole day of tribute is a big deal.  A lot of us are quite used to our mothers coming through for us unconditionally.  It’s high time we gave them more targeted expressions of our love.  When it comes to gifting our mothers they love it when you get into details and specifics especially with regards to their lifestyle.  While many of them stress repeatedly that they’re easy to please and don’t expect any fuss, deep down inside they still hope for something special.  We’d like to offer a few quality recommendations in case you plan to give her more than the usual flowers or card this Sunday, May 13.


1. Vera artisan designer accessories

In the realm of designer chic accessories, eye-catching brand Vera by Euro-based Davaoeña, Valerie Remoquillo (head-turning twin of skincare wordsmith Vanessa Remoquillo) is a rich curation of style to revel in. Artisan accessories by a list of designer creators sell out often over here. Imagine tassel earrings of exquisite taste and quality in colors that mimic a tropical horizon. 

Valerie Remoquillo wearing Vera pieces


While they are of the premium mark in value, all pieces are absolutely world-class in make.  Vera received countless shout-outs in recent years with their beautifully limited pairs of tassel earrings.  We’re quite smitten by this bundled bangle called “Giniling” bracelets which are mainly inspired by Ifugao adornments.  Each set, composed of 10 bracelets, is made out of 22 carat gold-plated brass.  These measure 8.89cm (3.5 inches) in diameter.  Shop directly from their online site here.  Currency is in Swiss Francs.



2. Scrub Talulah Coffee, VCO, and Salt Body Scrub

Being the “Driven” woman she is, suave Metro Channel TV host and forever sun-kissed style maven Tricia Centenera put up her own luxe branded skincare product.  She presented the public last year with Scrub Talulah, her personal take on an all-natural coffee, salt, and VCO-based body scrub.  Packaged in gourmande fashion and 100% made locally in the Philippines, this loose body scrub will help any woman get her glow on the natural way.  They’re even available in black or white pouches to suit your bathroom or vanity space accordingly.  




3. Truest Society Oil Carrier Pouches

The well-designed products of Truest Society, which at first began with candles, are sold to benefit and improve certain developed areas of Leyte. The brand is the brainchild of Lucy Torres-Gomez who even got her daughter Julianna involved in spreading the Truest Society love last Christmas. Somewhat new to their ever-growing catalog are these vibrant and attractive oil-carrier pouches. They cost Php750 a pair and even Judy Ann Santos was psyched to receive several from the collection to try. Contact Truest Society at these mobile numbers: +639476386366 or +639778394577, or via email: , Instagram: @truest.society


4. Blk Cosmetics Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow

Many mothers probably agree that eyeshadow application is probably the trickiest and least favorite part in makeup application.  Any product that makes this dire task easier and guarantees longer lasting cosmetic pay-off would be a dream to own.  Make way for blk Cosmetics Intense color liquid eyeshadow.  They’re great because in tube and wand form they take up less space than an eyeshadow palette would in your purse.  These work with and without makeup brushes and won’t budge at the first rise of sweat in a sticky situation.  They’re also quite affordable at Php299 when you shop here.



5. In Her Element Low Ph Rose Gel Cleanser

Once upon a time, in our millennial high-school days we enjoyed the existence of J&J’s Ph5.5 personal care range.  It was a skincare product line that to our dismay, in the nineties, wouldn’t hang around for very long.  Those of us who felt the supple difference on our skin ranted no end when it was phased out.  One thing we knew was a low and balanced ph level in cleansing made a gentle difference.  Project Vanity blog’s EIC and now beauty CEO, Liz Lanuzo founded In Her Element, a proudly Pinay skincare brand that has grown immensely in the last two years. 


Their products are paraben-free, SLS-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free, plus are proudly made in the Philippines.  What caught our attention was the existence of their strong crowd favorite since its release last year, the low PH Rose Gel Cleanser, now available in a bottle with a pump.  We’re glad that thanks to In Her Element another low ph cleansing option exists and that it is fragrance-free.  It’s available here for Php675 from their online store.


“More than just your average facial wash, the Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser (100ml) is a mild purifying cleanser that contains active botanical ingredients to help you achieve clearer, brighter skin. It also features a low pH level (a friendly 5.5-6), which maintains your skin's moisture barrier - keeping acne-causing bacteria away as well as overly dry or oily skin. Balance is key in skincare and this is the ultimate facial wash to help you achieve it. This facial wash is SLS and SLES-free. It is also fragrance free. It has a lovely mild rose scent from organic rose distillate.”