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The New Beauty Icons: The Kings Collaborate With Colourette Cosmetics To Celebrate Diversity And Duality

Just in time for Pride Month, we got a special treat from local beauty brand Colourette cosmetics as they collaborate with Joey Mead and Angie King—a truly inspiring couple who are advocates for the LGBTQIA+.


Last May 31, this dynamic duo officially announced the launch of their makeup collection including eight dual-ended lip tints (which you can use three ways: Eyes, lips and cheeks) and two face gloss highlighters. With shades like "Supecharged" and "Racewife", you'll notice how much their love for cars shines through with the collection. 


To excite you even more, we spoke with Joey and Angie to get a taste of what inspired their newest collection, as well as their recipe for the perfect day-to-night makeup look. Read on and get inspired!


Metro.Style: How did your collaboration with Colourette come about?

Angie: It all started with Joey wanting to create a lip line. She then asked Artists and Co., as they were already working with Colourette and Nina, the CEO/founder of Colourette pala. Then Joey met Nina, and they definitely hit it off. We looked at Nina’s Instagram then it felt like it’s the market that we wanted to tap, the diverse market. There’s a lot inclusivity.

Joey: It has been a six month process, like what colors do me and Angie love as a couple, what we use regularly. Then Nina mixed it with what she already has with Colourette. It was more of an exchange in the pigments with more of this and less of that. I’m in love with bold and popping colors, then Angie wanted to have neutral colors. I also pushed metallics because I think those are a lot of fun.


MS: Your collection is multi-functional. Why did you decide to make it like that?

Joey: I enjoy the playfulness of functionality. But with Ange it's different, with makeup I saw she likes things kept simple. As her partner, I'd help her with eye shadow and choose her colors. She doesn't want to deal with the extra this and that with makeup application. As for myself, I can be both colorfully expressive and keeping it simple. This is our dualities. That made me think of how makeup is such a wonderful tool to enhance how you feel that day. That's why it's a dual container—to appeal to whatever your expression, your own duality, the diversity of you.


MS: With beauty brands becoming more inclusive, what does it mean to you to collaborate with Colourette?

Joey: Colourette as a brand won us over. They encourage empowerment. No boxes. No titles. Nine Dizon (CEO) works hard and so passionate about her brand and products. It was a perfect fit to do our collab with her. 


MS: What are your go-to beauty looks?

Joey: Me, if I have blushy cheeks, I feel like I’m made up already. Cheeks for me say, “You don’t look haggard.”

Angie: For me it's natural. But it also depends on what we’re doing and where we’re going. On the day-to-day, it’s usually no-makeup to natural.


Who are some of your beauty icons?

Joey: The 90’s supermodels. I love Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington. These are the women who are a batch older than me. I look at them and oh wow, they look so well, they look really natural.

I also like actresses. I’m a big fan of Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Garner. These women are just beautiful as is.


What is your beauty philosophy?

Joey: If you feel good, you’re gonna look good! 

Known for their loud and expressive campaigns, Colourette proves once again that they are not afraid to push boundaries. So, are you excited to get your hands on this collaboration? Colourette x The Kings collection drops on June 9 but pre-orders start on June 6 just in time for Pride Month. 


Lead photo from @colourette.cosmetics