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The Pro Files: Celebrity Makeup Artist Ting Duque Reveals Tips And Tricks Behind Bea Alonzo and Julia Barretto's Looks

Becoming really successful in a makeup career doesn't just happen overnight. Just like any other job, the road to success in this industry is paved with years of training, diligently working with brands, and even assisting established artists get their job done. 



If you’re looking for an inspirational makeup artist story, look no further than Ting Duque. From being a sales associate for a makeup brand in the early ‘90s to becoming one of the industry's finest makeup artist, we can truly say that her skills prove worthy time and time again. Nowadays, Ting works regularly with the A-listers—she’s the one responsible for the dreamy looks of Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, Charo Santos, Jodi Sta. Maria and more. You’ll also see her works in the glossy pages of top publications. Follow her on Instagram for more eye candy!




To learn more about Ting's colorful career, check out our quick Q&A with her—plus: Her best-kept secrets to achieving that glow on her muse, Bea Alonzo. 


Metro.Style: When was the first time you worked with Bea?

Ting Duque: The first time I worked with Bea was for Star Magic Catalogue around 2010. Before, we only worked occasionally because I know Bea loves to work with different makeup artists and try out new looks. But as years have gone by, we got to know each other more and I can say that I have been her makeup artist for the past three years now. I actually just realized that now. I guess just like any other relationship, you need time to get comfortable with one another and find that middle ground where both of you are comfortable in. 



MS: How has your friendship evolved through the years?

TD: Bea is genuinely a kind person and that is a trait I am drawn to. So working with her, no matter how challenging the project, has always been a pleasure. 


MS: How is it like to work with her? What do you love the most about her?

TD: I love how Bea collaborates and how she communicates her ideas to me. From there I get even more inspired because with what I do, it’s never a one man show. It’s always a joint effort. 


MS: How would you describe your signature look?

TD: I would like to think my makeup style is simple and clean but well thought of. 



MS: What are your best practical makeup tips for looking good every day?

TD: First off, always start make up with clean and well-prepped skin. Next, less is more. Third, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Experiment! If it doesn’t work out, you can always wash it off. Fourth, always remember to smile! Last but not least, lipstick always brightens up one’s mood.


MS: What are your top 3 skincare tips?

TD: Put sunblock every day, have a good skincare regimen starting as early as age 15 or 16. It doesn’t have to complicated. Third, as one gets older, you may want to change things up. Your needs will change. Oh, and be mindful of the expiration dates of the products. You don’t want to risk having a reaction. 


MS: What are your favorite drug store buys?

TD: 1) Deoproce Tinted Lip Balm in red for less than Php 300. It’s so pretty but at the same time it’s not drying at all! I even use this on my cheeks. 

2) Avene Thermal Spring Water Face Spray has anti-irritating properties that hydrate and calms skin. Great for people all skin types but best for sensitive skin. 

3) I love Maybelline lipsticks!

4) Biore makeup wipes are my favourite. I give them out to celebrities because they’re always in awe at how good it removes a full face of makeup. It doesn't irritate either! 

5) Sanicare wipes (green) for hands. Love the sturdy texture of the towel. Plus, it smells reassuringly clean. 


Lead photos via Ting Duque