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The Pro Files: Kathryn Bernardo’s Makeup Artist Shares Her Top Beauty Tips And Tricks

When we talk about celebrity makeup artists, the “Queen of Hearts” go-to girl Justine del Rosario simply must make the list. Not only is she a #beautyinspo herself but she’s also the perfect makeup artist if you’re obsessed with enviably-glowing skin, and covetable young and fresh beauty looks.

With star clients like Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, Janella Salvador, Kira Balinger, Andrea Brillantes and more, Justine knows exactly what it takes to achieve a soft, delicate and super fresh look—perfect for the ladies who love the no makeup-makeup trend.  




And while it may look effortless, we know that it takes a bevy of products to look like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. The perfect shade of nude lipstick, tint of color on the cheeks, eye makeup, buildable foundation, and flattering highlighter that makes your skin look naturally dewy are just a few of the things you need. To learn more, we chatted with Justine and here, she spills her top beauty secrets, tips on how to get the natural look, and more details about her friendship with the one and only, Kathryn Bernardo. 


Metro.Style: When was the first time you worked with Kathryn?

Justine del Rosario: I first did Kathryn’s makeup in October 2014 for ASAP after she saw my work on Instagram.


MS: How did your friendship evolve through the years? 

JD: Kath is kind, very appreciative, and treats her glam team like family. She really has become like a little sister to me. She was even one of my bridesmaids when I got married.



MS: How is it like to work with her? What do you love the most about her?

JD: Working with Kath is easy and light-hearted. We have tons of fun conversations, and I always end up leaving shoots feeling cheerful. I also love how she likes to experiment with her look — she would often have makeup pegs saved on her phone for us to try. She knows what she wants, but at the same time listens to her glam team’s suggestions, which makes her looks in fact, a collaboration.


MS: What’s your favorite look on her?

JD: Despite me loving her wanting to experiment on different looks, a barely there, ultra natural makeup look will always be my favorite on her. I love showcasing her soft, delicate features and gorgeous skin.



MS: How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

JD: After graduating from college, I went to Singapore to study make-up artistry at Make Up For Ever Academy, and to work for a luxury make-up company. I came home a year later and finished a 4-month apprenticeship with celebrity makeup artist Jake Galvez, after which I started doing make-up for different magazines and publications. I did a lot of work with editor and stylist Luis Carlo San Juan who took me under his wing and made me his go-to make-up artist for shoots.


MS: How would you describe your signature look?

JD: My signature look, I would say, is light and fresh. I love beautiful faces and enjoy subtly bringing out features to create an overall pretty look.


MS: What are your best practical makeup tips for looking good every day?

JD: For every day, keep your skin looking healthy by not being cakey on foundation. It always looks nice and natural when you let your skin show through your base makeup. Apply blush for a healthy flush, and curl your lashes to make your eyes look open and bright.


MS: What are your top 3 skincare tips?

JD: First, always cleanse your face in the morning and before going to bed. Never sleep with your makeup on. Also, exfoliate regularly to keep your skin from looking dull, and to avoid clogged pores. Secondly, keep your skin hydrated by using moisturizer and drinking lots of water. And lastly, never forget to apply sunscreen daily to keep wrinkles and sun damage at bay.


Lead and gallery photos via Justine del Rosario