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The Pro Files: Meet The Celebrity Makeup Artist Behind Kim Chiu’s Fresh-faced Chinita Looks

Behind every breathtaking celebrity look, there’s always a makeup artist who put major skill, time, and effort into making the magic happen. Whether it’s for a magazine cover, the a fashion runway, or a VIP event, truly, professional makeup artists always know how to create a flawless, breathtakingly beautiful look.

But, have you ever wondered what A-list tricks these fab makeup artists do to make their celebrity clients shine? From a family of beauty experts with their own cosmetology school and hair salon, we talked to one of the best in the biz, Jake Galvez. 

Check out some of his best beauty creations here:



Jake wouldn’t be able to fit his resume in just one page. He’s the go-to makeup artist of celebrities like Kim Chiu, Kylie Verzosa, Bela Padilla and more; he had the chance to work his magic on international stars which include Mandy Moore, Mario Maurer, and Ed Westwick; and he even had his own cosmetics line named Makeover Paris. Add to that, he even has his own bridal makeup company! Jake also holds the title of being one of SM Beauty’s Makeover Masters. But of course, this beauty expert really worked hard along his way to the top and has a few words of beauty advice to share.

Here, read on to see our exclusive interview with Jake, plus, a glimpse on what it’s really like to work with his muse, one of our favorite faces, Kim Chiu. 



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Metro.Style: When was the first time you worked with Kim? How did your friendship evolve through the years?

Jake Galvez: I started working with Kim when she was looking for a makeup artist who specifically specializes on Asian oriental eyes. She booked me to do her makeup on ASAP as a trial session and we’ve been working nonstop since then. 

MS: How is it like to work with her? What do you love the most about her?

JG: Working with Kim is always a breeze. She’s very easy to work with and you will never feel like you’re actually working. She loves cracking jokes all the time, so there’s never a dull moment inside the dressing room. Our group is usually the loudest! Haha! At work, Kim knows what she wants and knows her face very well. 12 years in the industry and she already mastered what suits her face well. From lip colors to eyeshadow color choices. From the very beginning, she already pointed out specifically what to enhance and minimize to achieve the look she wants. But she’s still very open to try new colors and beauty trends.



MS: What’s your favorite look on her?

JG: Kim sports mostly the smokey eye makeup for years. But for 2018, I started doing something different on her makeup look, something that's light and fresh. Kim’s comfort zone is the usual smokey neutral eyes with long thick eyelashes which makes her eyes bigger. So something that is lighter than usual will make her feel a bit uneasy. But eventually, she embraced the light, natural makeup which suits her very well. And it’s my current favorite!



MS: How would you describe your signature look?

JG: My forever mantra in life: “The eyes are the windows to the soul” and I believe in making them stand out! The eyes are the first thing we usually look at in a person, and they are my favorite thing to highlight and focus on. I play with different kinds of smokey eyes, generally with Gold and Bronze, which complements any skin tone and eye color. Most of my clients are chinitas (because of my muse Kim Chiu), so I'm always looking for ways to make my client’s eyes look bigger. My usual look will have neutral brown eyes, with defined eyeliner and full (yet natural) eyelashes.


MS: What are your best practical makeup tips for looking good everyday?

JG: 1. These are the only makeup products you need for everyday face: Sheer foundation, blush, waterproof mascara, a perfect nude lipstick, and basic flattering eyeshadow

2. I encourage women to experiment with color because color can change our mood. On a gloomy day, a bright red or pink lip can make you feel beautiful.

3. Always remember, there are no specific rules when it comes to makeup application. But I think what’s most important is getting the right shade of foundation, bronzer, blusher, and the correct eye makeup to complement your eyes


MS: What are your top three skin care tips?

JG: 1. Don’t go to bed without cleaning your face. No matter how tired or sleepy you are, try your best to clean your face with facial cleanser and water. ALWAYS remove all traces of makeup before bed.

2. If your skin is dry, use Watsons Skin Repair Lotion at least twice a day for instant moisture. 

3. Never leave home without sunscreen. I swear, you’ll thank yourself in the future.


Lead and gallery photos via Jake Galvez