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This New Beauty Hub Lets You Shoot And Create Content Inside Their Instagram-Worthy Store

The digital age has completely changed the landscape of the beauty retail industry. The market today is more empowered. Purchases are driven by social media reviews, exposure, and word of mouth—and it’s all because of the growing beauty community online.

Enter freyja—the newest beauty hub in the country, where beauty and the digital world converge. “People today are starting to create content, and we’d like to be part of that,” shares freyja country manager Mutya Buensuseco. “We thought of a store that’s built around the community: members can talk to other members, they can have direct access to the founders of their favorite beauty products, and they can even create content here—on the spot!”



Named after the Norse goddess of beauty, freyja is an omni-channel that not only empowers beauty lovers to express their individuality, but also to be part of the big beauty conversation. “In this community platform, people can gather together and discuss their beauty finds,” quips freyja business manager Ana Pingol. “They can find a solution for their skin problems, or even learn how to build a skincare routine! It’s all about finding what you love.”

True enough, everything about the brand is centered around the community. After conducting focus group discussions (which included top Filipino beauty influencers and vloggers like Aryanna Epperson, Yuki Tansengco-Higson, Rhea Bue, and Shari Poquiz, no less), freyja set out to change the beauty retail game. "We really asked the community what they wanted in a hub, and we based everything from their feedback,” Ana further adds.

Aside from their picture-perfect physical store and easy-to-use online platform, where you can catch up on the latest beauty trends, they also offer a well-curated selection of cult-favorites. Members can even join beauty workshops held by industry leaders and founders of their favorite cosmetic brands!


Beauty influencers share their no-fail products to the freyja community


Jen Gerard, the founder and CEO of Los Angeles label Gerard Cosmetics, gives a free beauty workshop inside the freyja store


A hub for content creators

The freyja store is equipped with the best lighting so that you can take great photos at any angle. Yes, that means you can literally bring a camera and shoot content inside their store! “We want to celebrate the digital age, and cater to the needs of the people now,” beams freyja content lead, Charmagne Garcia-Laconico. 

Aside from the brightly lit interiors, freyja also offers a pastel pink photo wall which people can use as a backdrop for their makeup tutorials and Instagram photos. Another crowd-favorite are the Riki Loves Riki mirrors, which lets you take the best photos for your makeup selfies.


Metro.Style's Hershey Neri takes a phone selfie in front of the Riki Loves Riki mirror


Participants sit inside the freyja store as they wait for the beauty workshop to begin. The pink backdrop will be permanently stationed inside the shop—customers who want to shoot their own makeup videos are free to use this.


“Our online community platform also lets people share their knowledge, give recommendations, and even earn from the content they create!” adds Mutya. “Of course, you’ll have to reach a certain level for that. Right now, our key influencers and affiliates are enrolled on that program, but we’ll be launching that feature for everyone in the future.”

Your favorite cult brands, all in one place

“We really try to find brands that people are looking for,” shares Ana. “For example, it’s so hard to find resellers of Jeffree Star, and usually, they’re expensive—or sometimes, you don’t even know if it’s authentic. We want to give the beauty community in the Philippines access to cult-favorite brands like this.”

K-Beauty skincare fans will be happy to know that freyja’s selection of curated finds include cult Asian brands like Huxley, Make P:Rem, and Peripera. Another skincare brand worth watching out for is Australian label KORA Organics, a vegan, cruelty-free line founded by top model Miranda Kerr. “Apart from it being good for your skin, it’s good for the environment,” Ana adds. “We at freyja really try to have brands who are not only conscientious about their branding, but also how they approach their production—how they’re part of the community.”

Some of Ana’s top picks inside the freyja beauty store are KORA Organics’ all-natural Noni Glow face oil, which has antioxidants and settles in your skin fast, Huxley’s Brightly Ever After essence, which works great for dark spots, and Gerard Cosmetics’ Hydra Matte lipsticks, which suit a lot of skin tones. “More brands are coming in real soon, so we really want our community to keep the excitement. We’ve got more Korean brands, more natural products, and even more LA independent brands like Girlactik and Manic Panic!”

For people who are thinking of launching their own beauty products soon, feel free to talk to freyja. “If community members want to launch something, we can be a platform for them. We’re here to listen,” explains Mutya.


The Philippines today, the rest of Southeast Asia tomorrow!

Exciting things are in store for freyja and the rest of the beauty community. Two more stores are set to launch in the Philippines soon—and Indonesia is already on its way to plan out their own shop. At this rate, we wouldn’t be surprised if Malaysia and Thailand will soon follow. With freyja’s omni-channel platform, beauty communities all over Southeast Asia can soon connect with each other—and it all started in the heart of Manila.


Luxasia CEO Wolfgang Baier


But of all countries there are, why did they choose to launch it in the Philippines? Wolfgang Baier, the CEO of Luxasia, confidently answers: “The Philippines is a vibrant, amazing market. The response we received from day one has been great—and when it comes to openness to contributing content in social media, the Philippines is super.”

Social media may have changed the beauty industry landscape—but freyja’s community-centric platform changed the game.



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