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Top 10 Beauty and Body Enhancing Apps To Boost Your Selfie Goals

No one is perfect. But in this social media-driven world, where the personal, public and professional are melded into one, building up your own influence is now part of our lives. That being said, if you’re a little iffy about sharing your selfies and portraits, there are some beauty and body apps to help you with fine-tuning the details. Whether it’s bad lighting, a wrong angle or an unflattering look, a quick fix can make all the difference in sharing. There’s really no shame to it, and for a lot of people it is quite fun!


So if you’re looking to level-up your selfie and OOTD grid, or if you’re just out to experiment with enhancement apps, here’s some of our favorite beauty and body apps right now:



Flawless skin is just a click-away! This app allows for the standard slimming, airbrushing, makeup touch-ups, and even a water-reflection feature to straighten out the details of your pic.



Selfie Mask

Good for both men and women, this app can add muscle tone, hip and upper body augmentation, slimming options, and even add some abs on you. Now isn't that fun?




This app specializes in adjusting your height to give your body a natural, slimming yet proportioned tweak. It’s the easiest, most subtle way to make your photos OOTD’s more flattering.



Camera 360

This app has one of the most natural, one-touch face filters that is adjustable in intensity as well. Plus, it has a standard height elevation option, too.



YouCam Perfect

Another one-touch easy option, this app also allows for quick beauty filters, and slimming options for waist and legs. But best of all, it can remove unwanted disturbances in the background to clean up your total picture.



Perfect Me

For an app that is more towards body enhancing, this offers the easy basics. Reshape or smoothen curves, and add a little length with some guided proportions in this app.




If you want more of a manual option for your edits, this app can let you adjust the details of your tools, like size and intensity of liquefying. If you have any disproportions on your face, or body, this app might be for you. 



Perfect 365

Kim Kardashian once claimed this is her beauty app of choice for her selfies, and it’s easy to see why. This app has both a one-touch beauty filter, and meticulous multiple keypoints option to target every feature in your skin.




As the name suggests, this app specializes in smoothing out the little details on your face, but it’s not just a filter. Rather, it customizes its edits based on needs like firming, smoothing, touch-ups, acne and more. If you are very meticulous on keeping the tweaks as discreet as possible, this one is for you.



Retouch Me

When it comes to adjusting some physical features, this is as detailed as it gets. With options for chest, waist, hips, butt legs and more, you can make your corrections as subtle, or dramatic as you would like.


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Lead photos via Elijah O’Donell