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Top 3 Beauty Mishaps You Should Avoid When It Comes To Eye Makeup

You don't have to be a makeup pro to achieve gorgeous looking eyes. But your eye makeup can speak volumes about your style and doing it the right way has the power to transform looks instantly from drab to fab. But no matter how pretty your look is, makeup emergencies can't be avoided. Fix it easy with the right product and precise application. Here are the top three eye beauty problems and how to avoid them. 


Eyeliner that Smudges

Lock your eyeliner in place and keep your eyes looking their best by learning how to put your own eyeliner on lockdown and preventing any chance of smudging, smearing, or fading. Start things off by using a good primer. Then to avoid the eyeliner from giving you raccoon eyes, apply concealer under your eyes, directly underneath your lashes. Afterwards, set it with translucent powder that will act a barrier so your liner will be kept in place and smudge-free all day.



Eyeshadow that Creases

Add staying power to your eyeshadow by using a primer and then putting a little bit of loose powder over your eyelids and under your eyes to help the eyeshadow sit well on the skin for a crease-free finish. Then apply the eyeshadow using a brush or even just your fingers to dab it onto your lids, then blend. Powdered eyeshadow tends to have a smoother look and is easy to apply.



Eyeshadow that Fades

Eyeshadow can fade as a result of many things like oily eyelids but it can also be caused by unconsciously rubbing the eyes, coming in contact with water, excessive movement of eyelids, and other factors. The main thing you have to use to prevent fading is a good primer. Also avoid getting your face wet, whether it be from sweat or rain. To keep your eye color from ruining your foundation, apply your eye makeup first. That way, if eyeshadow dust does fall on your cheek, it will be easy to remove. Expect powdered eyeshadow have a little fallout on your face even if you tap the excess off the brush as opposed to cream based eyeshadow.



Even though eye makeup has its challenges, figuring out what to do exactly is definitely an acquired skill that even celebrities have a hard time mastering. So whether it's bad blending, too heavy or light application, poor placement, or the wrong choice of colors, there’s always room for improvement. But when done right, eye makeup can define and highlight your eyes as well as polish your entire makeup look. So make your eyeshadow pop and stay on longer with the Revlon Photoready Eyebrightening Primer with PhotoReadyPrimer+Shadow which smoothens, perfects, and brightens your eyes as it reduces the appearance of lines and creases under eyes and can also be used anywhere on the face as a brightening “pick me up.”


Photos from @revlonph