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Top 5 Blotting Papers That Are Hot On The Market Now

The old faithful blotting papers appear to be coming back with pizzazz! Once the high-school touch-up kit essential, blotting papers were the easiest, non-makeup approach to removing unwanted, excess oil on your face; it’s practically an oily-skinned adolescent’s lifesaver back in the day. Over the years, with the introduction of primers and setting sprays in the market, these tiny mattifying sheets seemed to have gone passé in favor of more heavy-duty oil-control methods that don’t disrupt makeup. But now, thanks to the continuous boom of beauty products, blotting papers are quickly returning as an added offer in conjunction to makeup.


Lighter, more absorbent, and with more attractive packages, blotting sheets are as compact and easy-to-carry as ever; some innovations include packaging updates, added skincare components, and increased absorbency depending on the brand’s offer. Regardless of which style you choose, blotting papers in general are an exceptional touch-up tool; with just a quick dab, these sheets absorb any lingering grease on your face, allowing for your touch-up makeup to adhere better to the skin. It’s an added step for touching-up, but the ease and longevity of your makeup throughout the day will be worth it.


If you’re interested in seeing snagging a few sheets for your kit, here are some of the top blotting sheets in time for the humid season:



Nars X Erdem  Mattifying Blotting Paper

Limited edition takes priority! These blotting papers come as part of the exciting Nars X Erdem collection, featuring a romantic, summer blooms packaging. These papers are light as a petal, but able to soak up some serious grease.

Photo from Stores Specialists, Inc. 



Tatcha Origian Aburatorigami, Japanese Blotting Papers

Based off the geisha’s traditional beauty practices, these blotting papers are made from 100% abaca leaf, and so thin that it won’t disrupt makeup from delicate skin. Oh, and it has some gold leaf flakes on it to make you feel fancy!

Photo from Tatcha



Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Arguably one of the very first blotting papers to ever hit the market, these sheets typically come in blue, and would turn transparent as excess oil from your skin is absorbed. A true oldie but a goodie. Best of all, it’s readily available in drugstores, pharmacies and beauty counters everywhere in case you need a quick one now.

Photo from Clean & Clear


Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Paper

The much hyped Fenty Beauty by Rihanna launched with these blotting papers in her core collection. What makes this incredibly unique is its attention to packaging: a chic pink compact that could roll-up blotting paper refills, raising the bar for innovating beauty staples.

Photo from



Tarte Not So Slick Oil-Absorbing Blotting Papers

Not only is it weightlessly thin and highly absorbent, these blotting papers from Tarte are also infused with green-tea extract, which are rich in anti-oxidants and good for anti-inflammatory purposes. So if you want some sheets that could help soothe some redness and irritation, this could be for you.

Photo from Tarte



Lead photos from Tarte and Tatcha