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#MetroBeautyWatch: TWICE Schools Us On K-Beauty With Their Top Music Video Looks

Since debuting in October 2015, South Korean girl group TWICE has been regularly turning heads with their looks that rep Korean beauty at its finest. Consisting of Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese members Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu not only serve their fans with catchy tunes but also endless inspiration when it comes to hair and makeup.

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From the biggest mane trends in SoKor to unusual beauty concepts such as the “aegyo-sal,” let this nine-piece girl group take you through the ropes of Korean beauty with their most recent music video looks. Check out our top picks from TWICE below:


Nayeon’s See-Through Bangs in “What Is Love?”

From K-drama heroines to K-pop idols, the biggest hair trend that we’ve seen on every Korean star is see-through bangs. And the cutest way to style it is by curling your fringe with a roller much like Nayeon’s school girl-inspired look in their 2018 video “What Is Love?”


Jeongyeon’s Honey Bob in “What Is Love?"

Korean idols are known for experimenting with their hair colors. But for a less shocking look, Jeongyeon went for a honey-dyed bob for their 2018 comeback which was warmly complemented by her peachy eye shadows and red gradient lips.


Mina’s Barely-There Liner in “What Is Love?”

Another trademark of K-beauty, Japanese-American member Mina urges us to trade the classic cat eye for a finely lined look for those days when you just want something light and fresh.


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Jihyo’s Trendy Nail Art in “Likey”

When it comes to nails, Koreans are big on muted tones and accent bling such as crystals and pearls. The group’s leader Jihyo is convincing us to take a trip to a Korean nail salon with her playful mani in the 2018 hit “Likey.”


Momo’s Peachy Under-Eyes in “Dance the Night Away”

While the majority of us try to conceal our under-eye baggage, Koreans actually go the extra mile to accentuate theirs. In case you haven’t heard, the term “aegyo-sal” which literally means “charming fat” is a thing in Korean beauty. It may seem strange, but girls love that puffy-eyed look which they pull off by contouring their under-eyes. In TWICE’s summer-themed track “Dance the Night Away,” Momo offers a more vibrant variety by with a trendy peach hue.


Chaeyoung’s Graphic Liner in “Yes or Yes”

In their 2019 video “Yes or Yes,” main rapper Chaeyong highlights her almond eyes with a soft cat eye and white accents on the outer corners.


Sana’s Pink Curls in “Fancy”

Sana is serving major hair inspo pastel pink waves styled with curled see-through-slash-micro-bangs and on-trend bobby pins. This whole look screams sass in the most Korean way possible.


Dahyun’s Gray Locks in “Fancy”

Known as the hair chameleon of TWICE, Dahyun is the designated member who takes on the wildest hair transformations in each of their comebacks. (Yup, that’s a thing in K-pop groups.) Earlier this year, the lead rapper revealed a glorious silver mane which made us think twice about growing out our own and sitting through hours of bleaching if we could look this chic.


Tzuyu’s Soft Brown Shadows in “Happy Happy”

If you’re deep into K-beauty, you’ll know that every makeup brand offers various eye shadow palettes with all shades of brown. Here, Tzuyu demonstrates how to steal that perfectly blended, barely-there look for your peepers. Top it off with a thin liner, just-bitten lips, and dewy highlights, and you’ve got the whole K-beauty look nailed down.


Sana and Dahyun’s Hair Transformations in “Happy Happy”

Proving that all you need is a look through TWICE’s collection of music videos for hair color pegs, Sana’s ash brown hair with pastel streaks and Dahyun’s bubblegum ombre are the perfect references for evey K-beauty fan’s next visit to their colorist.


Tzuyu’s Smokey Eyes in “Breakthrough”

You’ll rarely see heavy makeup on Koreans, so it’s not surprising that their version of the smokey eye exudes a softer finish. For their latest Japanese release “Breakthrough,” Tzuyu shows us how it’s done with a blend of shimmers and warm tones on the upper lids and a darker hue on the lower corners to accentuate the shape of her eyes.


Screenshots from JYP Entertainment and TWICE Japan YouTube Channels