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Unforgettable Celebrity Beauty Looks Of 2022

These are the ladies we looked to for beauty inspiration all-year-long!

The year 2022 has been a good one for beauty. Not only are makeup and skincare trends becoming abundant and much more easily shared and consumed, inspiration is also everywhere—including our favorite local celebrities! Each has a style of her own, with some experimenting with playful colors or a little unexpected detail. Some liked sticking to enhancing her natural features—always a huge hit with their fans! Either way, we totally enjoyed copping their looks and admiring their many beauty expressions. Let’s look back on the beauty year that was in the gallery below:

Banner photos via @bernardokath, @belle_mariano, @piawurtzbach, @nadine, and @iamhearte

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#MetroBeautyWatch: Star Magical Christmas Thanksgiving 2022