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We Talked To Victoria's Secret Models Romee Strijd And Lais Ribeiro About Beauty, Life, And Being An Angel

In case you missed it, Victoria's Secret Angels Romee Strijd and Lais Ribeiro are the new faces of Penshoppe's new beauty brand Beauty Pop by Penshoppe!

READ: Victoria's Secret Angels Romee Strijd And Lais Ribeiro Are The New Faces Of Beauty Pop By Penshoppe

The duo may have just spent a little time in Manila, but we made sure to catch them for a chat, and grab the chance to be in the presence of these beautiful creatures! Scroll further to check out what they shared—from the lessons being a Victoria's Secret Angel taught them, to what shade of lipstick they think they represent! 


Romee enjoying the view of their Beauty Pop by Penshoppe billboard along EDSA. Photo: @romeestrijd


Metro.Style: What excites you most about this project with Penshoppe?

Romee Strijd: What excites me is probably that it's lipstick that really pops your natural beauty! It's super natural, like the one I'm wearing, "Legally Nude", it's matte with more sheen and is super moisturizing. It really brings out your natural color. I love both fashion and makeup, and I think it really goes hand in hand.

Lais Ribeiro: You know, we have so many different shades—nudes, brights, matte, plus it's lightweight! I'm wearing the "Wild Child", as I am [laughs]. I think the names are pretty good too, and I think every woman loves lipstick! There a shade for everyone because we have 18 different colors.


MS: If you were a lipstick, what color would you be?

RS: The "Legally Nude!" 

LR: My favorite one is "Wild Child". It's really me. I love red and this one pops because of my skin tone. It's bright, it's very lightweight and wild.

The Penshoppe Beauty Pop HydraMatte lipstick in Legally Nude


The Penshoppe Beauty Pop LiteMatte lipstick in Wild Child


MS: Is it your first time in Manila? What are you most excited about being here?

RS: I'm just here for today and tomorrow I'm leaving already, so I really want to come back to explore the islands and see a little more. But I'm already super pleased to meet people here, to see how nice and welcoming they are.

LR: I don't think we have enough time to see much and yesterday it was raining a lot, but I did get a massage, went the spa, the people are really nice, so welcoming! It's really nice to be here with Penshoppe. They were planning to go to the beach but we couldn't because of the weather so I hope we come back!


Lais chiiling before the Beauty Pop by Penshoppe launch. Photo: @laisribeiro


MS: What has being a Victoria's Secret Angel taught you?

RS: It taught me that it's a really nice family to work with. I've met so many new friends there, and the brand stands for empowering women, so that's really good. I learned to just be confident in my own skin.

LR: You know, it opened a lot of doors for me for sure, as an Angel. I always looked up to Adriana [Lima] when I was little and she was the only Brazilian [Angel] that I knew. My hometown was really small and when I met her it was iconic for me. We became friends so it opened a lot of doors and that part for me. I admire so many of them, and now I'm with them, so I just tell myself that I'm inspiring young girls, to be positive, and to pass that on to them, that's really important. 


MS: What would you tell your 18-year-old self about beauty and success?

RS: That life is not about it!

LR: I'll tell her to be patient and work hard, and just try her best to not compare herself with anyone. I think the most important part about this job is to be patient because if it's yours, it will come to you.


Romee at the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Photo: @romeestrijd


Lais backstage at the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Photo: @laisribeiro


MS: How do you practice self-care and self-love?

RS: I think for me it's really important to do self-care like yoga; I try to meditate but it's really hard [laughs], I'm trying to get into it! But I'm better at yoga. And then I take time for myself to do massages!

LR: I'm really close to my family and friends, I think that's really important because our lives are so fast and we keep moving and moving and you have to have real support because some people just get caught up. It's too intense with social media and everything. I think you really have to be close to people that love you and help you with your mental health. I think that just shines from inside—being happy, that's what it means to me.


Photo: @romeestrijd


Photo: @laisribeiro


MS: What can we look forward to in this new collection with Penshoppe Beauty Pop?

RS: You can look forward to 18 different shades—there's a shade for everyone! And there are two different lines, so we have the HydraMatte that's more moisturizing and more sheen, and then the LiteMatte is super matte. It's really exciting! 

LR: Well, the shades! We have 18! I think the nudes are the best, because we have the pinks, the darker ones, so you have shades for every skin tone. Pricewise and quality, it's really what Penshoppe is about. They want people to afford what they want. Girls are crazy about beauty products!


Romee and Lais at the Penshoppe Beauty Pop launch. Photo: @penshoppebeautypop


MS: How do you feel about being a Penshoppe muse?

RS: I love to work with Penshoppe because I've heard its a really nice family, and they are already so big in fashion so I'm super excited that they have a beauty line now. I'm very honored to be the first face [together with Lais]. 

LR: It's so amazing, it's the first time I'm here, the client is so amazing. I'm honored to be the muse for them and so it's fun because you can play with the colors and they give you all the products [laughs], so that's the best part!


MS: What does it mean to be a global woman for you?

RS: To me it means someone who's confident, and someone who has her own opinion and her own voice, and just owns who she is.

MS: Lastly, describe yourself in one word.

RS: I always find it hard to say that about myself, but I try to see the positive in everything. So, POSITIVE!

LR: I want to say wild, but I'll say FUN.


Lead photos from @romeestrijd and @laisribeiro