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WATCH: All About Brow Microblading With Nikki Guevara-Perez de Tagle

You’ve heard this buzzword in conjunction with perfect brows. But what exactly is microblading, and why is it steadily gaining ground on the beauty industry? You asked, so we’re here to give you the microblading basics, straight from the expertise of LA-based Filipina microblading expert, Nikki Guevara-Perez de Tagle, CEO and owner of Dominique Permanent Cosmetics.

Generally speaking, microblading is a new technique of cosmetic tattoo, in which very fine needles deposit permanent cosmetic pigment into the skin to mimic natural eyebrow hair. If done right, it creates the illusion of natural and life-like brows. This allows women and men to keep the look of perfectly groomed, voluminous brows—even without makeup. No more extended makeup sessions in the morning, as you literally wake-up with perfect brows! When done right, and cared for properly afterwards, your brows should last around 1- 3 years.


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Those who are interested in adding more volume to their brows, or to define the shape, or even for those suffering from sparse to bald brows will benefit from microblading greatly. It is important to note that microblading might not be suited for everyone, such as those with very oily skin, large pores or under certain medications. It is important to consult your doctor, or the microblading expert beforehand to determine if you are totally safe to undergo the procedure.



Finding Your Microblading Technician

As with any professional beauty and dermatological procedure, a certain price point comes with the artistry and safety of the session. “The reason why microblading is so expensive is because of the education that we get.”, explains Nikki, who was trained by microblading specialist Daria Chuprys in LA. “The tools are also very expensive, and you’re paying for our artistry, labor, and time. You need to do your research [about your technician]. Check out her work, her credentials, [and] her education.”

Nikki Guevara-Perez de Tagle of Dominique Permanent Cosmetics 

For the record, a microblading session from a certified expert could range from Php 15,000 to higher; if the price is too good and low to be true, it probably is.


Prepping For Your Microblading Session

It his highly advised to consult your physician and the microblading expert before you book your microblading session, to determine if you are suitable for the procedure, and how to best prepare for the session. Clients who are pregnant or nursing, diabetic, or undergoing other treatments and ailments are not recommended for microblading.

About 2-3 days before your session, there are necessary preparations to ensure your microblading session is effective. These instructions include (but not limited to), no caffeine or alcohol intake, and no other tinting or waxing procedures prior in that time. On the day of the session, it is recommended that you do not workout, and refrain from taking any other blood thinners and stimulants.

Feel free to discuss everything with your microblading technician, including how you want your brows


What To Expect In Your Session

Does microblading hurt? During our interview with Nikki, she was gracious enough to let us have a look at how her eyebrow magic unfolds. We invited a happy volunteer, Kam Tolentino, who had sparse brows to try microblading for the first time—and the results were, indeed, magical.

“I was expecting it to be more painful,” Kam admits, seeing that Nikki had to use needles and all sorts of intimidating-looking equipment. Most people expect it to be painful, but even though everyone has different levels of pain tolerance, the numbing solution used by most microblading specialists will do the trick. “[In the beginning], I was really nervous about was how painful it would be, but then after a few minutes, it became really tolerable. It was a very good experience. I could tell that Nikki really made sure that everything was sterile and that I was comfortable.” 

Brows are treated with pigment to create the hairlike lines

While microblading experts ensure that you are comfortable throughout the whole procedure, it is absolutely normal for some people to experience minor bleeding. This is also why experts like Nikki highly recommend your prep yourself appropriately before your session.

The results do show the artistry and mastery that goes into every brow, and one can’t help but be in awe of the precision and patience Nikki employs. This is why it’s very important, Nikki notes, for clients to make sure they’re going to the real microblading experts when they decide to have something as long-term and delicate as this procedure.


Post-Microblading Care

Nikki also warns that while the preparations and procedure itself are already meticulous, the real work happens in the aftercare. No matter how good a job the microblading expert has finished, if the client is not disciplined enough to take care of her brows during the next 10 days, the end result wouldn’t be as flawless. During this period, the skin around the brows is healing, and the pigment settling into the skin; the brow area is by this time in a delicate position.

Nikki advises to avoid submerging or wetting your brows during this time, and to avoid scratching with hands. Ideally no cleansers, makeup and creams should be applied in the brow area during these 10 days, while also avoiding direct sunlight. No facials and heavy sweating is also advised. But after this recovery period, you can resume your normal routines and regimens.


Before & after the microblading session


Between 1-3 months after the session, microblading experts also offer a touch-up appointment, during which time any modification or additions to your brow can be done. This touch-up appointment is typically packaged with the price of your microblading session. Clients are highly encouraged to come back to give feedback, concerns or any fine-tuning to their brows to ensure the look and quality of their brows for the next few years.



Check out Nikki’s Dominique Permanent Cosmetics website at and Instagram page at @dominique_dpcosmetics.


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