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WATCH: Nadine Lustre and Catriona Gray's Makeup Artist Jelly Eugenio Shows Us How To Slay Green Eyeshadow Like A Pro

Sure you can find thousands—or even millions—of beauty gurus on social media and YouTube, all vying to show off their latest no makeup makeup looks. These days, ‘Instagram makeup’ has inspired an obsession with looking polished, or rather perfect for the camera. Although there’s nothing wrong with looking ultra-refined (it’s one way to show off your expert blending skills, anyway!), sometimes it’s refreshing to see the other side of it too. By this, we mean seeing the unconventional.

No stranger to taking creative makeup looks as opposed to the usual glam look is celebrity makeup artist Jelly Eugenio, Metro Magazine's Hot List Makeup Artist last year. Does his name sound familiar? We're pretty sure it does, and that’s because he’s the go-to artist of celebrities like Nadine Lustre, Catriona Gray, Martine Cajucom, Julianna Gomez and more. To refresh your memory, here’s a look at some of his awesome works:



At the age of 15, Jelly already started doing makeup for school. “Before ginagawa ko yung mga pageant sa school, mga kapitbahay, mga kakilala ko,” he shared. “And then, when I was starting out I really loved doing avant-garde makeup. I used to draw a lot, whatever was required in school, and then I also joined competitions.” He grew up being on the artistic side, and though he had no formal makeup education, an undeniable knack for creating beauty was always his strongest skill.


Photography by Christina Zabat


After school, Jelly started working for a brand, which honed his skills and love for beauty. “Noong nandun ako sa brand na ‘yun, I practiced a lot. I did the makeup of the cashier, as in everything—iba iba every day.”

Meeting his muse, the one and only Nadine Lustre paved the way for bigger things for this talented artist. “I was sent to a shoot for an up-and-coming star, as Nadine was relatively new in the industry then. From then on, she has been requesting for me for shoots.” Consider it fate, but we think this tandem is a meeting of likeminded individuals looking to create something remarkable. 

Jelly Eugenio with muse Nadine Lustre


And when asked about what makes Nadine’s look ahead of the pack, Jelly shared that “her looks are not expected. We always try to put a twist to it. Yes, it’s always the signature Nadine makeup look, but we don’t have to change it totally. We inject colors every now and then, and yung pinaka-exciting is ‘pag may color na.”

As for his best practical makeup tips, Jelly stressed that in terms of beauty, the number one thing we should all take care of is our skin. “If you have good skin, you can go out even without any makeup.” He also shared his love for lashes especially when it’s curled. “If you curl it, your eyes open up instantly.”

His suggested daily makeup look? Just wear sunblock, groom your brows, curl your lashes, apply mascara then finish it off with a good lipstick or tint.


Isabelle Daza


Specializing in bold and bright makeup looks, Jelly boasts over 108,000 followers on Instagram, all of whom eagerly await his latest makeup creations. So if you're wondering what his inspiration is, here's what Jelly has to say,  "As a makeup artist, all people see is how you do the makeup, but they don't know how you see the face. I think that sometimes that’s what's wrong with other makeup artists. They do perfect brows, perfect eyeshadow, perfect lashes, perfect blush on, perfect contour, perfect everything—but they haven't given it much thought if it fits the face." 

"By seeing the face, makikita kasi kung anong kailangan mong gawin. Before, I thought na kailangan lahat mukhang Barbie. But now, I don’t think so… Beauty is really a vision for me." 


Catriona Gray


Ready to create a striking makeup look the Jelly Eugenio way? Check out this video for our exclusive makeup tutorial made for your glamorous transformation: 



Lead photos via Jelly Eugenio. Jelly Eugenio's photo and video by Christina Zabat. Model: Kenzie Kinsella of I.M. Agency.