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We Have Finally Discovered The Most Gorgeous Matte Lipstick Ever!

Finally, your quest to finding the perfect matte lipstick has ended, thanks to Laura Mercier's launch of the Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick. With 24 luscious shades—in a range of reds, orange, purples, and nudes of all depths and more vivid shades—this collection is the perfect formula for every matte lipstick lover. 




Non-drying and easy to handle, these lip pens paint your lips with rich color without ever having to worry about drawing outside the lines—using a built-in sharper to customize the tip precision lining and detailed filling. Not like your standard mattes, the formula of this product also fuses mattifying powders and silky conditioners, giving your lips that softness and comfort of velour, sans drying and cracking.

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Need we say more? Don't miss out and give your lips a treat with one of the best lippies in the market!


Lead photo from @lauramercier