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What Exactly Is Clean Beauty?

The beauty landscape is changing, and it’s no denying that it follows through with what beauty addicts are equally obsessed about lately: Health and wellness. From indoor cycling to power bowls, essential oils to healing crystals, the obsession has gone as far to beauty.

With one look around your favorite beauty section in the mall or online beauty stores, you may have come across several “natural” and “organic” products. Unlike before when the market would think twice about lesser-known brands or products unfamiliar ingredients, many beauty consumers are now more open about exploring indie brands (which are by the way, stepping up their packaging game), and interested in more natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free products.

However, there’s still confusion as to what green beauty is and what sets it apart from the rest of the market. Let this mini guide help you understand what to look out for on your next green shopping spree!



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Clean Beauty Dictionary:


Made of purely natural and non-artificial ingredients. It also contains no genetically-modified organisms (GMO) and harmful toxins, are processed without pesticides or herbicides, and are not tested on animals.




Made of plant-based natural ingredients but is minimally processed. It also does not contain artificial colors and ingredients, also known as “synthetic-free.”


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Use of natural ingredients but does not completely guarantee that the synthetic ingredients are safe and healthy.



Use of safe, non-toxic, non-harmful and minimal ingredients, whether natural or not. Also takes into consideration the larger footprint it can bring to the environment.




Does not contain any animal produce, thus making it inevitably cruelty-free and against animal testing.


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This feature originally appeared in the Metro Magazine April 2018 and was repurposed for Metro.Style