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This Product Is The Key To Cleaner, Softer, Moisturized Skin

We've been told that removing all our makeup at the end of the day is the single most important, (and easy) thing we can do for our skin. No one likes icky build-up of makeup, dirt, and oil wreaking havoc on our skin overnight, so cleansing really is key.

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A lot of us have been accustomed to using either cold cream or cleansing oil to remove makeup, but these days, we've found ourselves stocking up on micellar water—the product of choice of beauty insiders in-the-know! What on earth is micellar water, you may ask.

This product is popular among pro makeup artists and beauty and skincare aficionados for its sheer ability to cleanse, tone, and moisturize all at once! French women in particular have long fallen in love with this product, as these gals love going au naturel majority of the time—so clean, flawless skin is key!



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Micellar water, by definition, is a substance made of micelles or tiny balls of cleansing molecules suspended in soft water. These micelles are supposed to be responsible for attaching themselves to sebum and dirt (aka the day's makeup and environmental pollution) to take them off your skin completely. Micellar water is alcohol-free, and acts as a toner so that you don't need to have a separate product to do just that. 



What's more—a few swipes of micellar water on your skin using a cotton ball guarantees to strip your skin off the day's most stubborn makeup (with the exception of waterproof mascara which requires a more heavy-duty cleanser such as oil or a balm), with zero irritation! It's basically cleaning with regular water, but upgraded with cutting edge technology!

Cleansing with this product cleans your skin completely without drying it out, meaning acne prone skin will benefit from it too. It actually leaves your skin supple, healthy, refreshed as opposed to just washing your face with regular water and cleanser. 



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You can get away with cleansing minus rinsing when using micellar water, which is a huge plus if you're on-the-go most of the time, so keeping a small bottle of this wonder product plus some cotton balls in your bag is a great idea to help keep your skin clean whenever, wherever! 

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