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What Is Permanent Makeup Exactly? Beauty Expert Bianca Festejo Weighs In

When it comes to makeup, we all look for the longest lasting eye, lip and face products that will stay on all day, sans touch-ups. After all, putting on makeup every day is hard work and you don’t want to be bothered with constant touch-ups midday or worried about panda eyes. If you want to take things to whole new level of "efficient", there’s one procedure we know that pretty much guarantees to give you the #IWokeUpLikeThis look: Permanent makeup.

But before you decide to go for this drastic change, there are several important factors to consider before you ink. To learn more, we sat down with salon owner and Permanent Makeup specialist Bianca Festejo as she weighed in on what we need to look for and how to pick the right artist. Read on!




Choose your artist carefully.

“Semi-permanent makeup is not a skill learned overnight. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of experience to master it.” Research on the works of the permanent makeup artist that you are considering. This is a big step, and you should be sure that you can get the look that you’re aiming for.


Make sure you’ve made yourself comfortable.  

“It’s better to go to someone who you can trust and will listen to your wishes. Someone who understands what you want and need is best,” Bianca shared. “You want to be comfortable enough with your artist to give feedback on how you want your cosmetics makeup tattoo to look. Don’t go for someone who will dictate how he or she wants you to look. You have to be involved in the process.”


Pick a shop that is clean and practices good hygiene.  

“Even if the artist is the best in creating your permanent makeup, if they have bad hygiene practices then the client will suffer,” Bianca said. “We’re dealing with blood here so it’s very easy to pass on diseases.”

In case you’re still in denial, it’s time to accept it: Permanent Makeup is a tattoo. It uses needles and ink is deposited under your skin. Therefore, you must choose your artist wisely. Check with your artist if they use brand new needles as well as disposable and sterilized tools. Equipment should be properly handled so that there will be no contamination.


Check the artist’s work beforehand.

“Most artists will have their portfolio available online or in the salon. Look through the before and after photos of their previous work. This should give you a clue on their skill and style.”


Lead photos via Bianca Festejo Beauty Lounge