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Spidery Lashes: When Your Mascara Woes Are Now The Trend

It’s not just for Halloween this time. Lashing out is the new way to up your mascara game!

No longer considered a faux pas, clumpy spider lashes are finally taking center stage along with other unorthodox makeup trends. Take note of this dramatic style and see how they were worn on the runways. Last season’s Christian Dior stage, fringed lashes completed the brand’s high fashion couture. This doll-like style also stole the show during Jason Wu’s presentation as models fired up the runway with this subtle but strong look. Gone are the days when mascara was applied carefully and scarcely to maintain an all-natural look, so don’t be afraid to go all out with layering those lashes. On our end, here are our tried and true favorite tools to help your pile up those mascara layers:


Spider lashes are fairly easy to achieve, but there’s more to it than simply applying multiple coats of mascara. In order to perfect your look and put more emphasis on your eyes, follow these easy steps:

1. Start off with a gentle and effective toner to cleanse your skin for a smoother application of products.

2. Prep your lashes by curling or brushing them to make sure they’re neat and untangled.

3. Apply a thin layer of powder to the lash area to help mascara stick easier to the lashes.

4. Keep everything else natural with light shades so as not to draw attention away from your eyes.



This article was originally published as “Mesmer-eyes” by Gytha Bianca Cheung in the Metro Magazine September 2016 issue