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EXCLUSIVE: These It Girls Share Their Trick To Looking Amazing At The Beach Without Makeup!

The summer heat is on! And we all know what that means: Fun getaways galore!

There are plenty of things one can do this season, like flying across the world to discover new cities, going on a grand road trip, and even hiking our local mountains to catch the sunrise. But since we are in a tropical country with the most breathtaking views, the beach beckons in summertime.

Planning to hit the seaside soon? Then it's high time to ready your wardrobe with stylish, flattering swimsuits—and of course, to brush up on your beach-appropriate beauty look knowledge!


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The It Girl-Approved Beauty Hack This Summer

Speaking of beauty knowledge, we recently discovered a secret shared among celebrities—a hack that lets you look fresh and beautiful the whole day. Whether you're surfing, sunbathing, swimming, or even attending a beach wedding, this simple, easy trick helps you look picture-perfect anytime of day—even when you're makeup-free.

Say good-bye to waterproof mascara and falsies, Metro women—because UV eyelash extensions now exist! 

NÉW Lounge PH, an upscale nail, lashes, and wellness lounge adored by A-listers like Metro Most Stylish Heart Evangelista, Jessy Mendiola, and Sarah Lahbati, recently launched their summer-appropriate UV lashes to cater to women on-the-go. Also known as "summer lashes", these allow you to wake up with the gorgeous, fluttery lashes of your dreams. But not only that—they're practical, too!

The light-weight, natural-looking summer lashes also carry 60% to 90% UV ray protection from the sun. Simply put, having them on will be like wearing a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful rays! They also serve as protection from skin aging and discoloration of the lids and undereyes caused by sun exposure.

Gorgeous and practical. A win-win!



The Game-Changers

Ever the game-changers, NÉW Lounge also recently launched their lower lashes services—making them the only brand in the Philippines that offers this type of lashes. According to beauty experts, adding lower lashes extensions gives the impression of bigger eyes and a generally smaller face. 

What else is new? Previously, clients were asked not to wet their new lash extensions—that meant no crying, no bathing, and no washing the face—for 24 hours after application. But thanks to advancements in technology, NÉW Lounge's upgraded products only need to stay dry for two hours. Yes, with NÉW Lounge, you can now literally have your eyelash extensions done, go on a road trip, and head straight to the beach!


The It Girls of Summer

In an exclusive interview Metro.Style, the NÉW Lounge ambassadors shared why they consider eyelash extensions as the ultimate beauty must-have this summer. Keep scrolling for your beauty fix!


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The sultry atmosphere of summer is near. Get ready. #NewLoungePH ?? @projectgeekid

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Katarina Rodriguez, Miss World Philippines 2018

"After my first time getting my lashes done, I flew to Siargao the next day and I fell in love with [my] lashes! With sun-kissed skin and lash extensions, I literally woke up looking like Robbie Pinera had just done my make up for a summer campaign shoot."


Rachel Peters, Miss Universe Philippines 2017

"Eyelash extensions are great because they open your eyes up. It’s like an instant face lift! The thickness also makes it look like you're wearing mascara. When your eyes [look] bright, there’s really no need to wear any makeup at all.

When I tried NÉW Lounge, it was like a revelation! The lashes stay on forever (even when surfing everyday). They don't pull off my real lashes and they give a really bright, lifting look."


Jessica Yang, Model, Singer, & Social Media Influencer

"It’s definitely a must-have for summer! There's no need to curl your lashes and put on mascara—and there's no need to be afraid of them getting wet!"


Sirene Sutton, Model and Bb. Pilipinas 2017

"Eyelash extensions make you look good without putting too much makeup on."


Patricia Henson, Swimwear Designer & Model

"They look so good—they literally suit everyone! They also give a very fresh look to your eyes, and they're very low maintenance in my opinion. Jump in the water or sweat it out in the heat... these lashes stay on!"


Teresita Senn Marquez, Reina Hispanoamericana 2017

"I don't put makeup at all when hitting the beach, so NÉW Lounge's eyelash extensions make me feel more confident. If there's a gathering at night, I know it will just take me 5-10 minutes to get ready since I know im all set with my lashes."


Photography by Charles Rodulfo
Videography by ProjectGeekid
Makeup by Anthea Bueno & Chie Gonzales using Sunnies Face
Hair by Jeck Aguilar
Swimsuits from Boom Sason
Clothes from Zoo Label
Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios?
Shot on location at Vivere Azure, Anilao, Batangas
Special thanks to NÉW Lounge