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Here’s How You Can Look Your Best, With or Without a Mask

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The pandemic has shifted everyone’s lifestyle, including the way we present ourselves when we leave our homes. Masks always cover up half of our faces, so when it comes to flaunting our beauty to the outside world, we now let our eyes do all the work.

But who says makeup is only for strutting outdoors? With the overwhelming rise of online meetings, events, and get-togethers, it’s essential that we look our best even in the comfort of our homes.

Y.O.U Beauty recently launched a variety of beauty products in the Philippines that will surely help you achieve long-lasting beauty. Each product is meticulously innovated with advanced beauty technology, through the brand’s exclusive R&D system and technology partners, including world-leading suppliers, manufacturers, and quality certification organizations.

Here’s a list of must-haves to boost your beauty and confidence at home or outdoors, with or without a mask on:


Rouge Velvet Matte Lip Cream

Matte lip creams have had a notorious reputation for making lips dry and flaky, leaving their wearers feeling uncomfortable for long periods of time. Y.O.U Beauty’s Rouge Velvet Matte Lip Cream is here to bust that myth with its creamy, velvety texture that brings long-lasting color and comfort to your lips.This quick-dry matte lip cream is also Y.O.U’s best selling product in the recent massive online 9.9 sale that took place last September 9. With 19 classy shades that span from nude to vibrant (and not to mention a strong variety of red), the Rouge Velvet Matte Lip Cream contains coconut oil and Vitamin E, which hydrates and moisturizes the lips while keeping it luminous all day long.


Colorland Wander Nature Eyeshadow Palette

Looking fresh and trendy even with your mask on has never been easier with the Colorland Series’ signature eyeshadow palette. Every shade is velvety-smooth, extremely easy to blend and layer, and perfect for all-day-long wear. Staying put with minimal fallout, the highly pigmented mix of finishes is perfect for any skin tone, keeping your eyes looking stunning for hours on end.The all-in-one Wander Nature palette contains 15 unique shades for every possible eye look—from matte, shimmer, to glitter – delivering a natural outdoor beauty that brings more style to your masked look.


The Radiance White Nourishing+ Serum

The Radiance White Nourishing+ Serum improves the skin barrier for a fine, nourished, and radiant complexion through its 9 brightening actives and its special formula containing snow mushroom extract, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide. These key ingredients boost skin hydration and moisture, provide antioxidizing effects, lighten the skin tone, reduce dark spots, and refine the skin texture.This unique all-in-one formula is what sets Y.O.U’s nourishing serum apart from other serums. Typically, you have to buy Vitamin C and Niacinamide serums separately in order to give your skin a healthy texture, but with the Radiant White series, you can achieve the glowing skin of your dreams with just one, powerful serum.


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Y.O.U Beauty is dedicated to making you feel healthy and beautiful in your own skin –anytime and anywhere. That’s why these three bestsellers should be a priority in your next beauty shopping lists. Shop Y.O.U Beauty products today on the brand's official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

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