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Your Makeup Brushes Are Filthy! This Is How You Should Be Cleaning Them

Chances are, you paint, contour, and pat your face with makeup brushes almost every day—but how often do you really clean them? Turns out, and we have to admit, not nearly enough. We get it—cleaning makeup brushes may not seem to be the most glamorous of tasks but, if you want to continue to keep up your good skincare work, then you need to clean your brushes more regularly, if this isn’t something you already do. Just think about all the layers of oil, grime, dirt, and dead skin cells that accumulate on those bristles and how terrible it can be on your skin. To help get you started, here’s a guide we put together on how and what to clean those brushes with! Once you're familiar with the steps, why not make a zen-like ritual out of it? Set aside 30 minutes of your day at the end of the week to prep your kit, put on some relaxing music, light an aromatic candle, and get started! 


How often should you clean your brushes?

Depending on how much use your bristles are getting, we recommend cleaning them at least once a month if you’re an average makeup user, but once a week is ideal. Cleansing your makeup doesn't have to be a big undertaking, though, you can keep it simple by just using what you have at home. 


Know what your bristles are made of.

There are two different types of makeup brushes that you should know of, the natural haired ones, which are used mostly on dry products like powders and pigments; and synthetic brushes, which are best used on wet products such as liquid foundations, concealers, and creamy lipsticks.


Learn how to clean brushes with natural bristles.

You can use a shampoo made specifically for brushes or a gentle regular shampoo. First, dip the bristles into it before running them under lukewarm water, swirling your brush across your palm to break down any makeup residue. Do this until water runs clear. Then gently press on any excess liquid, don’t tug too hard! And finally, lay the brush flat on a towel overnight. They’ll be ready for you to use again in the morning!



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Learn how to clean brushes with synthetic bristles.

The same cleaning strategies apply to both synthetic and natural bristles, but since these type of brushes are often covered in creamy makeup residue, you may need to do extra in-between cleanings. You can wipe them down with a makeup removing towelette, or spritz them with a rinse-free spray cleaner every day, it will dissolve makeup pigments, oil buildup, and dead skin cells before they hit your skin.



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How should you dry your brushes?

Always point your brushes downward when washing and avoid getting water above the handle of the brush as it will run into the metal band that attaches the bristles to the handle of the brush, getting water into it may loosen the glue over time.