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Your Burning Beauty Questions—Answered By These Influencers

Whether you’ve been doing makeup for a short or long period of time, we bet you still have some unanswered beauty questions. Because as your skin changes and product formulations evolve, and your face experiences ageing, your routine gets thrown through a loop, and questions arise once again. 

If you spent a lot of time doing research in the name of good looks, know that you’re far from alone. Here, we gathered the most Googled beauty questions—and they will probably look a little familiar—so you can finally leave your doubts behind. With the help of some of the top social media influencers who are truly in the know, we’re providing the answers to your most frequently-typed queries ahead. Keep scrolling to get those burning questions answered STAT!


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Kryz Uy


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How to fix cakey makeup?

"You got to wet damp sponge then you tap it over the cakey area or you dust powders on top of your face with ambient lighting powder like the ones from Hourglass. [At]


What is a lash lift?

"A lash lift is, you know, how normally Asian lashes are very sleek and straight... This one is like a permanent curl for the eyelash. But because our eyelashes fall in a span of 6-8 weeks, it only last for those weeks." 


Laureen Uy


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How to apply aloe vera?

"I love aloe vera. I think it’s one of the best things in the world especially if you have scars, rashes, or anything na hindi ganong kaganda sa skin mo. So usually, you just get the real aloe vera, break it, get the sap, then apply it on your skin."


How to take off makeup without makeup wipes? 

"You can try Shu Uemura cleansing oil, that’s what I use and then my other skincare routine follows."


Maxine Medina


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How to fix cakey makeup? 

"I use sponge when applying my foundation then I dab it. The other one is using a spray face mist and then swirl the brush in a circular motion."


What concealer to use?

"I actually use NARS. When you apply it parang nagpa-powder s’ya, nagbe-blend siya sa skin then eventually nagiging powdery, hindi s’ya ‘yung nagkakaron ng lines."


Ara Arida


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How to do cat-eye?

"Ako, I just base it on my eye shape. Well, it takes practice because at first, hindi s’ya pantay at all. And for me, it’s better to use liquid eyeliner so that it’s easier to do a cat-eye."


What hair color looks best on me?

"Well, I used to wear brown to dark brown. Before, I tried going blonde once at beauty pageants when they were experimenting with my look. But, it ended up that the lighter they go with my hair, parang hindi s’ya bumabagay especially with my tan skin. So ayun, ako naman, I guess with the hair color, whatever suits the personality of the person and the attitude, just go for it!" 


Kaila Estrada


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How to apply aloe vera?

"I like to put it on my hair, but it just doesn’t smell that great. I haven’t tried it yet on my skin pero they say it’s good, it’s soothing."


How to take off makeup without makeup wipes?

"There’s this really nice discovery that I made called Makeup Eraser. It’s a cloth that you don’t need to add anything, just wet it with warm water then rub it on your face, it removes everything—that’s what I like to use when I’m lazy." [at SM Beauty]


Lead photos from Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy and Kaila Estrada