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5 Quick-Fix Beauty Products To Save You During Times Of Water Crisis

These days, being green is on top of mind. With the water crisis worsening in Metro Manila, thousands of households have been reeling from interrupted to zero water supply. Without sufficient warning, water was cut down in at least 6 cities and towns, leaving people unprepared for this kind of situation.

As each year, month and day passes by, water gets closer to becoming a non-renewable resource which means we should take note of what we can do to save water. And in the beauty department, do you know that there are other ways to reduce H2O footprint in your daily routine? Beyond two-minute cold showers and turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, here are some products that you should be using! 


Pixi Beauty Skintreats Rose Glow Mist

Whether you want to fight dryness, brighten dull complexion, soothe irritated skin, or refresh your skin in the middle of the day, a few spritzes of a facial mist might just be what you need. Our weapon of choice: Pixi’s Rose Glow Mist! This dual-phase elixir is packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, leaving skin with a natural glow. Plus, it helps to moisturize skin, improve elasticity and provide free radical protection, Common Thread


Patchology Clean AF On-the-Go Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes

Face wipes rub off makeup, dirt and oil on our face the easiest way as possible. It works so well that you don't need to cleanse your face with water. They are soft on the skin and some even don’t call for moisturizer. Try Patchology’s wipes. Unlike ordinary cleansing wipes, these ones are free of harsh chemicals like foaming agents, perfumes and parabens, Beauty Bar


Fancy Handy Face Moisturizing Refreshing Face Booster, Beauty Bar

This face moisturizing stick comes in a non-liquid, stick form which comes very handy. It refreshes skin while moisturizing, giving a sensation of firmness and freshness. Perfect for the hot season these days, Beauty Bar


PerriconeMD No:Rinse Micellar Cleansing Treatment

This product is very useful when you want to clean your face because it contains tiny cleansing molecules, which act like traps for dirt and sebum. Dermatologists say that they’re particularly good for sentisitive types who react to traditional cleansers. Try PerriconeMD’s cleansing treatment. It is a gentle cleanser and makeup remover containing no alcohol, soap or detergents and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, Rustan’s


Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder 

Hide your greasy roots and add a little volume to your hair with this dry shampoo from Bumble and Bumble. It’s formulated with a powder that absorbs oils while still remaining sheer and clear, along with natural starches that add grit, texture, and volume to your roots,