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7 Weird Beauty Products That Actually Work

We're sure you've heard of those cult-favorite 24k gold masks, or even those luxury face creams infused with caviar water. But would you dare touch something with snail essence? Or how about charcoal scrubs? As weird as these beauty products may sound, most of them have garnered a following among beauty junkies all over the world. They must be on to something, right? 

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We gathered some of the weird-but-effective beauty products on our radar today, and highlighted  their unique selling points worthy of your attention. Get weird with us in the name of beauty!


Gray Hair Spray

L'Oreal launches a quick fix for unsightly gray hair that may not necessarily look great, especially if you're one who's particular about maintaining your hair color. Just spray on the roots for a flawless finish, and wash out with shampoo once you're done! It comes in 5 hair shades, and is ammonia and peroxide-free too! At Watsons



Foot Peel

This is probably another one of Japan's fantastic inventions in the sense that it can truly give your dry, aged feet a rebirth of sorts. This is the safest way to shed unwanted dead skin in 3 easy steps! With 17 natural extracts including apple, burdock root, lemon, horsetail herb, and sage, you're sure to get soft, supple feet in a mere 30 minutes! Just wear the pack, soak, then rinse! At Beauty Bar


Volcanic Body Scrub

While the word "volcano" sure reminds us of fiery liquid lava, this amazing product by Human Heart Nature is anything but dangerous! Made with rosemary, peppermint, and bamboo charcoal extracts, this body scrub is a treat after a long and tiring day, for its ability to cool your body and rid it of dead skin cells. At Beauty Bar




Temporary Lip Tattoo

There are days when you just can't be bothered by full-coverage lipstick, but looking naturally pretty is still key. Unlike permanent lip tattoos that can be both risky and pricey, K-Palette brings us a temporary solution to wanting natural-looking rosy, kissable lips! Just one swipe of this new lip tint is enough to brighten up your face for days when you just feel blah! At Beauty Bar



Temporary Brow Tattoo

Much like the lip tattoo product, temporary brow tattoos are the low-maintenance girl's go-to for fuller, tinted brows in an instant! Just swipe on your desired shape for the day, leave on to dry, then peel off for naturally tinted brows on-the-go! At Watsons


Snail Mask

This may sound gross, but snail essence masks are all the rage in the K-beauty world. Wondering what the fuss is all about? Basically, it has snail mucin and red ginseng water that's said to enhance the skin's elasticity, heal blemishes faster and provide ample nourishment with just one use. Worth a try? We think so! At


Lip Plumper

We're sure you've wondered what you'd look like with fuller, plumper, Kylie Jenner-esque lips at some point in your life, and that is solved with this genius beauty tool that's totally non-commital, but so much fun! Enhance the appearance of your lips and have fun applying lipstick by sucking on these lip plumpers that uses the suction technique to naturally improve your lips' appearance minus chemicals and scary injections. We're sold! At




Lead photo via Into The Gloss