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Here’s One Skin Whitening Product You Should Be Adding To Your Beauty Stash STAT!

Here’s an easy way to achieve that coveted celebrity glow!

We live in a day and age where skincare has taken center stage in Filipinas’ beauty regimens. For most of us, we are after achieving that stellar, artista-like glow.

Common misconception is that achieving that artista-like beauty is way too pricey, painful and unattainable. But in reality, you just have to find the right product for your skincare beauty and whitening regimen to get that glowing skin- just like your favorite stars.  

Most women who have tried all sorts of whitening products and services would probably tell you that they experienced a stinging or burning feeling just to achieve that brightening effect. Add to that—it usually takes time to see results. But with the advancement of skincare technology, science and research today, one begs to ask: do you really need to go through pain to achieve lighter and brighter skin? And do you really need to wait for too long?


With this product, the answer is a resounding no! Silka has been in the market for 18 years, making it a trusted brand for beauty and whitening that even celebrities swear by. With Silka Green Papaya Soap, it brings out that fresh artista-like glow making it a must-have in your skincare and beauty regimen. It is enriched with green papaya enyzmes which helps eliminate dead skin cells for clearer and smoother skin. It also contains VitaRich actives such as Vitamin E and D-Panthenol to moisturize, hydrate skin, reduce itching, and combat aging—all without that burning sensation. You are sure to see skin whitening results in as early as seven days. Indeed, that bright, smooth skin with fresh glow can be achieved effortlessly—without the sting, without waiting for too long, without spending a lot of dough.

Angelica Panganiban, one of the most beautiful stars today coveted for her glowing skin, is just one of the many who swears by the effortless skincare offerings of Silka. “Yung mga beauty products na ginagamit mo, dapat yung talagang trusted like Silka—from your soap, hanggang umabot ka na sa pag mo-moisturize, lotion—para maramdaman natin naAy, ang ganda ko kagad. Walang ka effort effort,” she shared in a beauty event recently. 

"Meron tayong thinking na kapag nagpapa-puti tayo kailangan may sting, [may] hapdi, and minsan tinitiis natin yun para lang talaga ma-achieve natin yung whiter, brighter skin. So, ngayon na meron nang nagawa ang Silka Green Papaya soap na gaganda tayo ng hindi natin kailangan masaktan,” Angelica said. Truly, Silka gives you the whitening you need without the sting.

Want to have that celebrity-like skin without the hassle? Learn more about the Silka Green Papaya Soap. Follow Silka on Facebook (, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter at @SilkaSkincare, or visit