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This Beauty Brand Encourages You To Adore Yourself!

We live in the day and age of constant bouts of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and even depression—much of which is attributed to an "always on" lifestyle and moreso for women—who juggle multiple roles at once. It comes as no surprise that almost all of us burn out at some point, and struggle to strike a balance or gather sanity back. How are we to fight back?

As women, we are capable of wearing many hats—girlfriend/wife/sister/daughter/friend/colleague/entrepreneur/superwoman... you name it! At the end of the day, we love giving the best of ourselves to others, but oftentimes we forget to love ourselves.

This year, a new brand comes to us with this sole message: Adore yourself!


The Adore store Shangri-la Plaza


The US-born brand Adore Botanicals comes to Manila's shores and hopes to change the perception of self-love from just using fitness and fashion, but to utilizing the very products you apply on yourself too. 

We spend so much for beauty every year, why not make it a point that what we're investing on gives results that make us glow and look our best? Let's make beauty a way of rewarding ourselves, and ultimately another way to adore ourselves because we simply deserve it!

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At the Adore Botanicals couch talk, ambassadors Hindy Weber-Tantoco, Bianca Araneta, and Nikki Torres spoke about the importance of investing in oneself and knowing that you deserve to take care of yourself.


The brand comes to us with its complete line of products including their many treatment lines like the Vitamin C set which battles discoloration, the Cellmax set that gives a major collagen boost, and the Golden Touch set that adds luminosity as well as anti-ageing.

As for the men, you're definitely not left behind as Adore carries a men's line that similarly repairs skin stem cells while also protecting them from further damage. And there's none of that fussy routine men hate—expect only the easiest, most efficient simplified line that delivers results!

“The fountain of youth may be a myth,” said Yuval Mann, CEO of Adore. “But the key to fighting anti-aging and promoting youthful smoothness and luminosity is not. By harnessing the right properties from plant stem cells, we are able to offer products that help you stop the clock and enjoy the best skin you’ve ever had which not only revitalizes but also promotes adoring yourself because you deserve only the best.”


Get to know some of Adore Cosmetics' hero products below:

Adore Cosmetics Beauty Drops Concentrate Night Treatment


Adore Absolute Instant Face & Eye Lift


Adore Cosmetics Cellmax Elite Facial Serum


Adore Cosmetics Advanced Firming Eye Cream


Adore Cosmetics Icon Edition Nu Apple Peel Off Mask


Adore Botanicals' ambassadors were glowing and fresh as they posed with Yuval Mann, President of LGI


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Photos courtesy of Adore Cosmetics