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The Gift of Self-Care: Try The Aivee Clinic’s Merz Award-Winning Services Before The Year Ends

Spoil yourself with a treatment or two to conclude 2020 on a lighter note!

As 2020 nears its end, we can’t help but look back on the many changes this pandemic has brought upon our day-to-day lives. Amidst safety protocols and community quarantines, we’ve all adapted to a new normal where there is a constant emphasis on the “essentials.” Suddenly, some forms self-care were just deemed out of touch in light of the situation.

With most of us stuck in Zoom meetings, the need to look presentable from head to toe became less and less a concern. As the months wore on, however, losing our usual self-care routines have proven to affect our well-being negatively. Needless to say, we all underestimated the sense of self that “me time” afforded us when we had the freedom to do it.

While we can now somehow come out of isolation, we’re still moving in uncharted territory. If anything, letting ourselves loose from our self-imposed lockdowns as the holidays approach is a welcome break. (Granted we practice all safety protocols for our health and others’, of course!)

If you’ve so far missed indulging in self-care, why not indulge in a bit of pampering as a gift to yourself this Christmas?

Where to go to get pampered

The Aivee Clinic, one of the biggest names in the local cosmetic dermatology industry, has continued to serve their patients as they successfully transitioned their company into the new normal. For this, Merz Aesthetics—the pioneer behind Ultherapy® and other innovative products—recently awarded them with some of the highest honors in their local and regional awards. Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo recently received accolades, including the Merz Portfolio Highest Achievement (Philippines) in the 5th Golden Record Awards at the 2020 Merz Asia Pacific Awards as well as the Overall 7-Star Award in the 2020 Merz Tala Awards.

Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo - 2020 Merz Tala Awards
Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo - 5th Golden Record Awards

“Despite the challenges of COVID-19, they were able to adapt quickly, while prioritizing the safety and welfare of their patients and associates,” said Merz Aesthetics® Asia Pacific Regional Commercial Director Conway Rappa. “The Aivee Clinic has an unwavering commitment to delivering procedures of the highest standards. They are masters in threading complete and beautiful experiences for their patients, from the moment they enter the clinic, to the moment they look into the mirror and love the results they see.”

The best treatments in the industry

Why not give yourself the gift of self-care this holiday? Visit an Aivee Clinic near you to try these award-winning services before the year ends!

Aivee Ultherapy

A favorite among celebrities the likes of Charo Santos-Concio, Gretchen Barretto, Kathryn Bernardo, Erich Gonzales, and Kylie Versoza, Ultherapy® is the only U.S FDA-cleared, non-invasive skin lifting treatment that uses micro-focused ultrasound with real-time visualization to deliver safe, precise, and optimal results while boosting the production of collagen. This treatment gives the skin a noticeable lift and tightness, perfect for improving laxity in the eyes, jowl, and neck for more defined features.

Aivee Ultherapy

With several Merz Awards recognizing the Aivee Clinic’s Ultherapy® treatment, they have proven to be the best in the Philippines. This year alone, they garnered several honors locally and regionally—from Winner of Accelerated Growth Ultherapy Transducers Asia Pacific Category B (Regional), 1st Runner Up for Highest Achievement Ultherapy® Transducers Asia Pacific Category B (Regional), Ultherapy Transducers Highest Achievement (Philippines), 7-Star Ultherapy® Transducer Award, to 5-Star Ultherapy® Control Unit Award.

If you’re looking to greet the New Year face forward, there’s no better way than to indulge in this anti-aging treatment! Book an appointment in person or consult online through the Aivee Clinic website for your first session!

Bespoke Plan for Anti-Wrinkle Treatments & Fillers by Dr. Aivee

The Aivee Clinic has always been No. 1 in bringing the latest and most innovative technologies to the Philippines. This includes advanced anti-aging treatments such as Filler Injections and Botulinum Toxin Injections.

Fillers support the skin, diminish facial lines, restore volume and fullness, soften wrinkles, and improve skin laxity. Meanwhile, Botulinum Toxin smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscles and also treats certain muscular conditions.

In the recently concluded 2020 Merz Tala Awards, Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo took home the 7-Star Calcium Hydroxylapatite Filler Award, 7-Star Hyaluronic Acid Filler Award, and 7-Star Neurotoxin Award.

Whether you’re looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines or bring back that bounce to your skin, the Aivee Clinic’s personalized plans can help you achieve your best look with a mix of these treatments. Book an appointment in person or consult online through the Aivee Clinic website to find out what award-winning professionals recommend for you and your concerns.

If there’s anything we learned these past few months, we owe it to ourselves to take better care of our well-being—no matter what that means for us. Through it all, the Aivee Clinic’s doors remain open as they continue to dedicate themselves in championing the best treatments in the industry for their loyal customers.