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Chilly Baguio Warmly Welcomes The Arrival Of World-Class Aesthetic, Derma Care By Avignon Clinic

Avignon Clinic puts the “grand” in “grand opening” as it formally opens its first branch outside of Metro Manila and in the cool, charming City of Pines.

How to complete your aesthetic and wellness dermatological care experience? Head over to Baguio City for the breathtaking view, the cooler weather, the relaxing vibe and to visit the newly opened Avignon Clinic at Camp John Hay.

Baguio City residents and those in the nearby provinces no longer need to take the long drive to Metro Manila just to experience the distinct aesthetic and wellness expertise that can only be found at Avignon Clinic.

For Avignon Clinic CEO and founder Chris Carchuela, opening their Baguio clinic was primarily a personal decision before it was a business one.

Avignon Clinic brand ambassadors Sam Milby and Ces Drilon join Avignon Clinic executives Chris Carchuela and Benedict Sy at the exclusive and intimate media dinner

As a kid, Chris would regularly go to Baguio with his family after every visit at Manaoag Church in Pangasinan. He has always thought of putting up a business in the city. Providentially, their friends in Baguio reintroduced the idea and recommended a space and without hesitation, Carchuela and Avignon Clinic President Benedict Sy snapped up the location for the new clinic. Fast forward to March 2023 and they’re officially open in the City of Pines.

“Being here in Baguio is being at home and opening a clinic here is a dream. I have always been in awe of the city—the scenic place, the culture, the chilly weather and most of all, the warm people of Baguio. In terms of aesthetics and beauty, we want to be the best. We started in Manila and we are bringing Avignon here in the North. Avignon will continue to grow—first here in the North and then in the South. Who knows? Maybe beyond that,” Carchuela says during the intimate dinner with the media.


“We studied the market and we found out that 10-20% of the people here in Baguio, lumuluwas pa ng Manila for treatments and sometimes, the doctors they want to treat them are from Manila. Why not bring Avignon here in Baguio since there’s no difference in terms of treatments and services being offered?” Carchuela elaborates.

The Baguio clinic of Avignon may be its first branch outside of Metro Manila (two in BGC and one in Quezon City) but the clinic is identical to the Metro Manila clinics in terms of overall look, ambience, feel and quality of services. Regular clients will still feel at home and familiar regardless of the branch they visit.


“We have a firm that handled the interiors, Empire Design. I told them na I want something na ang direction ng brand is hindi naluluma, innovative and straight lines. The facility should always look new. We’re happy to claim that our clinic is the first smart clinic in the Philippines [and this applies to all branches],” Carchuela explains.

Similar to the other branches, the Baguio clinic also has the UV light, vacuum exhaust and air purifier to make sure that the staff and the clients are safe and protected from viruses. Clients can also expect a personalized service where one can watch Netflix, listen to  their favorite music and even choose their kind of pillow (traditional, soft or bamboo) while undergoing treatment.


Avignon Clinic is also the first aesthetic and wellness clinic recognized by the DOT (Department of Tourism) for having complied with the minimum standards for the operation of tourism facilities and services. The presence of Avignon Clinic is expected to have a huge impact on the tourism for Baguio as a wellness destination.

Putting the “grand” in Grand Opening

The plan was for Baguio City to experience the grand launches that are usually reserved for Metro Manila and sure enough, Avignon Clinic pulled out all the stops to make the Baguio launch extra special and festive.

The Avignon Clinic Baguio grand launch was kicked off by an exclusive and intimate media dinner where the founders, brand ambassadors, the media, the clinic medical team and staff, and even some of the clients mingled in a relaxed setting at the charming and quaint service residence The Country Place. This was followed by the grand opening of the clinic the next day marked by free-flowing drinks and delectable pastries, a traditional dance performance by a local Baguio dance troupe, a tour of the clinic and a ribbon cutting ceremony led by Carchuela, Sy, guest of honor Mrs. Soledad Go and brand ambassadors Sam Milby and Ces Drilon.


The night also saw a grand celebration of the Baguio clinic’s opening at the CAP-John Hay Trade and Cultural Center featuring a theatrical ballet performance, a show band that kept the party going and a full course of sumptuous meals meticulously prepared and curated by renowned Chef Billy King of Le Chef at the Manor.

Asked about Avignon Clinic’s choice of ambassadors who graced the launch, Carchuela readily responded.

“For someone who will represent the brand, you need to identify the best person talaga. We need someone who will be loyal to the brand because it’s a long-term partnership. We reviewed and decided Sam is the best for the job,” he says.


He also has good words about news anchor and TV host Ces Drilon.

“Ces was so impressed with the quality of the service, iyong mga tao talaga and kung paano kami mag-expand even during the pandemic. Also, Ces is from Baguio. She was born here,” Carchuela notes.

If the brand ambassadors’ thoughts are of any indication, the feeling is mutual and the mutual appreciation is strong.


“After trying their services, honestly, I’ve never felt so comfortable and at home than I do with Avignon so I’m super super happy. I’ve been a part of the family for four years now since 2019,” Sam says, adding that his favorite treatments are the Thermage FLX and the EMsculpt NEO.

“I consider my being a brand ambassador in Avignon a blessing because of the time (amid pandemic and franchise loss of ABS-CBN). You know, it was a very stressful and difficult time and you really needed self-care and a place to be able to really pamper yourself. I’m so happy up to know because, you know, as a woman matures, mas kailangan ng mga ganito. I also like the way they do my aesthetic treatments because it’s age-appropriate,” Ces says, noting that she favors Ulttherapy and Thermage at Avignon Clinic for being non-invasive and for helping rebuild the collagen.

Just like Sam and Ces, experience a wellness destination like no other and visit Avignon Clinic Baguio at Ayala TechnoHub, Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio City or call the Camp John Hay branch at 09176253500.

Follow Avignon Clinic at @avignonclinic

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