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Local Brand of the Week: Bare Better Serums

This brand doesn't just advocate better skin, they push you to be better, and help others do the same too!

Do you already include a serum in your skincare routine? If you aren't using one yet, then it's high time you do! Serums are potent, supercharged skincare formulas that are made to target specific skin issues, usually applied after toner, before moisturizer. The consistency is usually thin, and is best applied using a specific massage with hands or tools, to help the skin absorb the formulas better. Depending on what serum you choose to go with, make sure you research, so you get the best results for every penny!

And while we're at it, one serum line we're loving these days is Bare Better, a proudly Filipino skincare brand that advocates 'getting better in all aspects of life every single day.' Now if that goal isn't enough to get your curious about this stellar lineup of products, read further!

Right now, the brand consists of six serums dubbed 'The Betters', all locally-sourced and produced serums that target specific skin needs including regeneration, exfoliation, glow, hydration, restoration, and protection. And because we love a brand with substance, Bare Better proves to be one of them, as it pushes everyone to embrace who they are, be proud of who they are, and continue working on becoming their highest self, with a little help from these amazing products!

Local Brand of the Week: Babe Formula


Local Brand of the Week: Babe Formula

These luxurious organic, cruelty-free, paraben-free formulas in sleek bottles are a great addition to your skincare routine, for the simple fact that they are affordable, despite delivering stellar results. Getting excited about what to get? Check these variants out:

AHA Serum

Good for when skin needs exfoliation, lifting off dead skin cells, brightening, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and preventing acne.

Hydro Boost Serum

Feeling dry and tight in your face? Try this variant, which promotes moisture and whitening, as well as an overall feeling of freshness.

Glass Skin Serum

This trend isn't just for K-beauty, although it was popularized by the Hallyu world. With the Bare Better Glass Skin serum, get ready for a good glow, as this calms skin down, hydrates and firms it, and promotes a bright and dewy complexion!

Vitamin C Serum

We need to protect our skin's immunity as well, so applying a vitamin C serum protects it from UV damage and pollution, and promotes a smooth, even skin tone. 

Tomato Serum

When the skin needs restoration, the Tomato serum helps it do so, as it reduces irritation and inflammation. It even minimizes pores and tightens skin all over.

Better Future Serum

From the name itself, you know you're in for a treat. While this serum promotes overall anti-aging, lifting, firming, and collagen promotion, 100% of the proceeds for this product will help efforts that benefit Filipino people, especially children. 


Another admirable thing about Bare Better is the business opportunity they present for anyone looking for an alternative way of earning. Thinking of getting into entrepreneurship? Maybe this is the sign you've been waiting for! They offer a distributorship and dealership program, via a fool-proof business model that makes it easy for virtually anyone to pull off, especially during these times when extra incomes are much welcome. 

Interested in purchasing your bottles or inquiring about business opportunities? Connect with them on Instagram today @barebetter.

Local Brand of the Week: Skin Play


Local Brand of the Week: Skin Play