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BEAUTY A LA PARISIENNE: Brands French Women Love

French women are known all over the world for their effortless look. Parisiennes, most especially, have the no-makeup-makeup philosophy down to perfection and it all starts with basic skincare using products that are easily available in the supermarket or local pharmacy. We ask five real Parisiennes (not Instagrammers, influencers or endorsers) about their beauty must-haves!


SRP: €8.95 (400ml)


"If I had to choose only one product it would be, without hesitation, Avène Micellar Lotion. It's really my daily make-up ritual. If I have to readjust my makeup at the end of the day, I use it only on some targeted areas. It leaves my skin soft, it does not shine and does not shine under my makeup - it is my daily beauty ritual."
- Celine Arrizurieta


SRP: €19.90  (100ml)


All French women know about Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse! It is a multi-purpose dry oil that is so nice on the skin and used on the face, body and even your hair. It makes the skin soft and it smells so good! It is not greasy and I love using it especially in the summer." - Aude Baviere


SRP: €4.84 (per patch, reusable 3x)


"The Talika Eye Therapy patches are the best! It smoothens the skin and reduces dark circles under the eyes only half an hour after application – perfect for those days when you did not get enough sleep and you need an instant glow." - Daniela Miccolis

SRP: €39.71  (100ml)


"I swear by the Huile Tonic de Clarins (Clarins tonic Body Treatment Oil) – because of it I have zero stretch marks after two babies! It helps to make your skin firm again and the oil smells so good." - Zineb Descolonges


SRP: €28.00AUTY   (30ml)


"My favorite is Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream, which repairs everything! It’s like a magic cream that treats cuts, burns, dry skin and minor skin problems. I use it every time I need to let my skin heal and be refreshed."  - Céline Bruneau