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Beauty And The Beach: Get Summer-Ready With These Treatments (Part 1 of 2)

We’ve got to admit: Getting your face and physique ready for a tropical hideaway is a tough task to undertake solo, most especially if you haven’t exactly been a diligent gym-goer.



To help you, we’ve curated what Manila’s top derma clinics and cosmetic practitioners guarantee will make a visible difference; non-invasive options, invasive laser surgery for aging eyes, and a couple of facial treatments and products for achieving a more gorgeous born-to-bare-it you! Now what’s it going to be?



Dr. Michele Nuez, Medical Director of Oracle Aesthetic Skin clinic in Legaspi Village, Makati urges everyone to learn from Koreans and their embrace of invasive and targeted skincare treatments. 

“Since we are a Korean skin clinic, we see a lot of Korean patients, both male and female. Sometimes a lot of males! They’re all very particular about their facial skin. “At Oracle, we also have a special machine that analyzes your current skin from every angle to determine your skin’s metabolic age before you begin treatment.



Oracle aesthetic’s straight-up facials are quite affordable and from time to time, they have first-timer promos (we enjoy the relaxing vibe of their Korean facial with a pomegranate mask) and in quality compete with the other leading cosmetic dermatological clinics.



Dr. Michele continues, “They [Koreans] don’t like blemishes—moles, freckles, ‘take them out’ [they say]. So they go here for Revlite, they want to even out the pigmentation on their faces, and remove freckles. In terms of skincare, Koreans are way ahead of Filipinos. Some Filipinos, most males in particular, only use soap, shampoo, and that’s it! No moisturizers, etc. They [Koreans] really have high regard for their skin.”  Revlite is a new kind of Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. It does non-ablative skin resurfacing, wrinkle and acne scar reduction. It’s been proven to work even in the treatment of pigmented lesions, melasma included. It can also remove full color spectrum tattoo inks.


Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic. 2nd Floor Republic Glass Building, 196 Salcedo Street corner Soria Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City;, (+632) 8014131, (+63) 916-2238821


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Manila stopped and stared when Korina Sanchez’s Belo Beauty billboard last year revealed an unabashedly revamped version of her along EDSA, no less. After sitting with Dr. Vicki Belo to talk about a few of their best-selling non-invasive contouring treatments, we were quite enlightened to say the least. Vicki warmly brought it up herself.

“I’m sure you’ve seen the Korina billboard, she looks really young.” Vicki elaborates, “For non-surgical ways to look young we call it a ‘Triptique’ method because it has three steps. Although the major step is Thermage [a radio frequency treatment], there are other steps that come after. It’s not just one thing. ”



Belo Triptique is a unique service; a triad of treatments. It combines Thermage, Embedded Protein Thread for lifting, and Belo Vita for visible skin tightening, firming, as well as facial contouring. The pulled protein threads make the visible difference following Thermage.  The nutritive aspect of the procedure is delivered with the bit of gadgetry that is Belovita. “We have this machine, the Belovita from Korea, it suctions the skin,” Vicki explains  “It has little needles and then there’s a syringe with all the products in it [nutrients, hyaluronic acid, etc] and it puts it into the skin.”

“You can adjust how deep you want it, when you want it only in the epidermis. You numb yourself up first of course because it’s needles. It’s not painful because the suction sort of tricks your nerves.” In a video on Belo Beauty’s Instagram account, Korina videos how the Belovita works, amusingly enough, it looks somewhat like a space-age version of a stapler gun with all the good stuff for your skin as ammo. 



I caught Dra. Vicki Belo being interviewed and nahila ako to join. What a lovely evening last night was at the Shang Fort ballroom. I was requested to wear purple and got problematic. Alas! I have one more purple long dress I haven't worn with this same crowd. ?????? The Thermage event with boss Chris Cachuela was so well organized. Nakaka pressure. Because it is a beauty awards event, the women were all so sexy in their outfits. Star studded table of Belo Group had Piolo, Zsazsa, Lovi and other young stars. Belo Medical has won the Black Diamond Award for three consecutive years, with the most number of Thermage procedures done in a year. Kasama na ako doon, haha!

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She explained that for every patient, before recommending any procedure (be it invasive or non-invasive) experienced dermatologists like herself always need to diagnose the patient’s present skin condition beforehand, “Our basic thing is we need to work with good skin first. It’s hard to work with skin that’s not healthy. Unhealthy skin [would have] pimples, blackheads, pigmentation, melasma, large pores, oiliness—that’s not good skin to work with.  It’s like tela if you don’t have nice tela kahit magaling ka man mag-sew, magaling ka mag-cut it doesn’t look that good.”



There is one product line apart from her own clinical brand that Belo believes in for getting skin to its ideal state before procedures. “We give you ZO creams, by the Zein Obagi system, which is like a gym for the skin. It makes your skin healthy. So you get their skin in shape just enough so you can work with it. In about three weeks or a month.” One particularly popular item in the ZO range is the Hydrafirm Eye Brightening Repair Cream. 



There are also skin prep solutions that do work from the inside out. Belo agrees on the effectivity of collagen drinks. “I remember I used to take collagen when I would do yoga. I couldn’t quite do a headstand. My knees would actually fall ‘cause they’re already old, somewhat wrinkled, and they had no more tone. The difference that I saw when I started drinking collagen, wow it didn’t do that anymore, nag-tighten siya. My nails got strong and my hair got thicker.” 


Belo Medical Group;; (+632) 819-BELO (2356) Viber (+63) 999-8857273


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Maggie Wilson, Wil Dasovich, Carmina Villaroel, and Rachel Peters—these are just some of the clientss of Dr. Kristina "Kaycee" Reyes, Medical Director of Luminisce. Her founding belief in a holistic approach to dermatology has her traveling the globe often— she continues to top up on new and effective discoveries from different countries.

While discussing the long and bumpy road of cellulite Dr. Kaycee points out there are machines which do a better job of eliminating that unwanted dimply texture “We do have a machine, we call it ‘Profound.’ It’s radio frequency treatment with micro-needling. It can go deep as in 6mm deep to target the fat, so that the appearance of cellulite is lessened. Thermage you can combine that with the body and this one, at least combination.”



The ultimate in non-invasive skin tightening is here! Avail an Ultherapy treatment for the whole face and get 10 FREE sessions of Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy! Start your September looking fresh and young by booking an appointment NOW! Call (02) 511-855 / (02) 637-2398 for inquiries. . . . #HolidaysWithLuminisce #HolidayPromo #Luminisce #WhiterChristmasWithLuminisce #LuminiscePodium #LuminisceFort #SkinWhitening #DermaFort #DermaPhilippines #BGC #SkinClinic #SkinDoctor #Skinvesting #DrKCReyes #SkinBrightening #StarwalkerLaser #HolisticSkinInnovations #SkinTightening #ultherapy #ulthera #BeYoutifulStory #Ultherapyph #nonivasivefacelift

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“You really combine treatments. The fat that we have on the outside is not harmful. The harmful fat is visceral fat, which is fat within or surrounding the internal organs.” As it turns out the difference between male and female fibrous tissue in the skin causes cellulite in women to be much more obvious. The surface of male skin is somewhat thicker so in their case cellulite is less noticeable if there is any. 



A slightly odd yet rejuvenating facial Luminisce now offers is the Magnetic Madonna facial—so named since it is the same blood-drawn facial Madonna the singer has had. Blood is drawn from the client and then its state is altered into a platelet-rich plasma (no longer red) used on the face like a healing serum. Compressed air is also used to blast minerals, oxygen, and Vitamin C onto the skin following the plasma.


Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations;; 2nd Floor Mercury Drug Building, 32nd corner 4th avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig;; Landline: (02) 511-8500, Mobile: 0915-9794661



“Holistic” is a common term shared by a lot of medical directors who try and make sure their practice and range of treatments embody or exemplify the full meaning of the word.  Some, like Dr. Aivee Teo have gone through great lengths for their clinics to convey more than a professional and medical vibe. Some of their lounges evoke the accomodating, affluent, yet cozy feel of a 5-star hotel, like their drip lounge where clients can avail of Aivee drips that work on beauty from the inside out.   



Dr. Aivee shares “We aim to have a more holistic approach in our management. We take an extra effort to be innovative and continually improve in our field for the good of our patients. We also put a lot of emphasis on the design and interiors of our different clinics.” That shouldn’t be a surprise given that among the clients who frequent her spaces are: Heart Evangelista, Nadine Lustre, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Maja Salvador, Bea Alonzo, Erich Gonzales, Sarah Lahbati, Richard and Mond Gutierrez, Solenn Heussaff, KC Concepcion… and the list goes on.



In addition to their clinics, Dr. Aivee set up Aivee Café a while back now; a café adjoining their BGC clinic that serves healthy, fresh food for the calorie-conscious. The Aivee Clinic doesn’t stop with Aivee Café, they’re also known for their extensive and effective proprietary skincare range of which their Aivee shield sun-protective range is quite popular. This summer you probably ought to take note.


The Aivee Clinic;; 2/F Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Philippines;


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There is one particular doctor known for his magical cosmetic work on the windows of the soul. Lifting or surgically altering skin around the eyes to give a youthful appearance is the guy’s outright forte. We’ve dubbed him an Obi Wan versus the dark side of droopiness. Dr. Vic Lopez, an oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery specialist, used to perform lasik on patients before but now spends most of his time helping clients turn back the clock. A good number of his clients look years younger and bright-eyed with the aid of his surgical skill. At his clinic at St. Luke’s Global, BGC, many confidentially avail of Dr. Vic’s gentle handiwork. His bedside manner feels somewhat pediatric, putting patients at ease in next to no time. 



“The difference is this: I use a laser instead of a knife. The difference between a laser and a knife as a cutting tool is that when you cut with a knife it bleeds. When it bleeds you need to cauterize it one by one and it will take time.” According to Dr. Vic laser surgery on the flesh ensures less swelling and trauma. Patients are also bound to heal faster with laser surgery. “If it is a normal knife procedure it will take one hour and a half, but with the laser I do it in 30 minutes.” What’s great about procedures on the eyes is down-time is just a little over a month he says before you’re fit to head out for your summer vacation.

Surgery under Dr. Vic’s care is meticulous yet simple enough for patients to remain awake during his procedures.  “Yes, they are awake. About 90 or 95 percent of my patients are under anesthesia meaning they are fully awake; the only thing they feel is anesthesia. It is numb. The pain [after] is like your dental work, when your local anesthesia goes down there is a tingling sensation, there is some sort of a soreness. Di naman masakit na you cannot fully function.” 

Dr. Vic Lopez has rightfully refused to mention any known clients of his to protect his practice but admits that a number of them are quite well-known.  We’ve heard first-hand from one of them and believe us when we say she wasn’t secretive about who gave her a great eye-lift.  This patient was way too satisfied not to share… with us at least.


Dr. Vic Lopez; Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist; Rm 209, Medical Arts Bldg., St. Lukes Global, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig; Landline: (02) 659-5389



Photographs courtesy of Belo Beauty, Aivee Clinic, Luminisce Holistic Skin Clinic, Oracle Korean Aesthetic

Lead photo by Melson Bolangata

This article was originally published in Metro Magazine on March 2018.