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Bela Padilla and Dani Barretto Share Double-duty Must-haves You Have to Pack for Your Summer Getaway

You think you’ve mastered the art of packing for your getaways, but once you arrive at your destination, there seems to be that one item (or more) that you tend to forget. The key, according to besties and wanderers Bela Padilla and Dani Barretto, is in multi-functional items that serve more than its intended purpose. 

The intend to bring these essentials to their next destinations—Bela to Utah for a chilly holiday, while Dani will be off to Coron, Palawan. And here’s what's in their travel stash:


For Bela

1. A 3-in-1 face tint. “Bring makeup that’s very flexible. There are chubby sticks out there that you can use for your eyes, your cheeks, and your lips.”


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2. Moisturizer. No matter if you’re going sunbathing or hiking up cold summits, applying moisture is the way to keep your skin happy and glowing. This can serve as your makeup remover, too!


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3. Infinity scarf. “I like it because I get cold fast. Plus, you can still wear it even when it’s hot because it’s a fashion accessory!” You can don it as a bandana, wear it around your neck, or turn it into a chic tote!



For Dani

1. Products with SPF. “If you can get a moisturizer or foundation with SPF, the better. Also, tinted sunscreens!”


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2. Serum conditioner. Double action for better care of your hair while you strut it out at the beach.


3. One-piece swimsuit. In black, as Dani emphasizes, for a slimmer silhouette. The best thing about a black one-piece is it’s versatility—whether you cover up with a polo or a kimono, top it off with shorts or a dress, or on its own, it’s always classy and sexy.


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