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The New Normal of Belo Medical Group Clinics

After months of being cooped up at home and no trip to the derma, here’s our firsthand experience of visiting a Belo clinic in the new normal!

We’ve been sheltering in place for quite some time now, seven months to be exact as I write this, and we have all minimized the amount of trips and errands to get things done. For many of us, we’ve gone all this time without visiting the derma for a skincare pamper sesh, or even for routine maintenance checks for various skin concerns. In all this time, we learned that it is crucial to choose safety first at all times and to visit places that have your wellbeing (as well as that of the public) top of mind.

When I visited the Belo flagship clinic in One Bonifacio Highstreet on August 25, I was briefed prior and prepared via phone. Additionally, a week before my scheduled appointment, the Belo team sent me an online COVID-19 screening and aesthetic survey to fill out which confirmed that I had not come into contact with anyone who tested positive for the virus, nor have I ever tested positive for it myself. As the name suggests, it also asks several aesthetics questions to narrow down your particular concerns and treatments that will likely interest you. This is actually key for me because it tailor fits the menu of services, making sure that each visit is well-worth the time in this new normal. (You want to make sure sulit your trip! It also helps speed up consultation if your doctor can see ahead of time your skin concerns and issues, cutting down the time spent at the clinic.)


Before I entered the BGC branch, there were several health checks. Aside from the mall’s own contact tracing and safety measures, Belo also had their own through temperature checks, hand sanitation stations, as well as mandatory use of the disinfecting foot bath. Face masks, of course, are mandatory inside the clinic and social distancing was strictly observed. I noticed as well that the surfaces were constantly being cleaned, especially in the common areas such as the waiting lounges and bathrooms. Everyone at Belo, as expected, wore full gear—PPEs, medical grade facial masks, gloves, and face shields. From entering my treatment room, to engaging with the cashier, every moment in between I felt incredibly safe and assured that these protocols were being strictly followed.

To create this environment of safety, a very thorough system of safety protocols amidst COVID-19 was created. Belo Medical Group’s Dr. Vicki Belo collaborated with the top aesthetic doctors from the UK, Switzerland, Norway, India, Sweden, Australia, and South Africa, to achieve a consensus on guidelines to be followed for a truly safe reopening of aesthetic clinics as COVID-19 lockdowns ease. This consensus paper for “preferred practices” was published in the prestigious Journal of Dermatologic Therapy and is available and shared to all aesthetic practitioners across the globe. The guidelines, which provided for patient screening and strict scheduling, risk categorization of every dermatologic procedure to low, moderate, and high risk, rationale for PPE use per procedure, housekeeping changes to minimize risk of virus transmission, and adapting new behavior routines with constant staff training.


Since we entered General Community Quarantine, all 16 clinics of BMG in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao see these procedures implemented. This set of procedures is on top of the mandatory safety protocols of the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Providers (NABH) International plus the current guidelines and recommendations of the Department of Health (DOH), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Visitors and patients of Belo Medical Group can expect the following safety and infection control measures:

1. Pre-screening of patients. BMG will conduct a short COVID-19 phone interview before booking patients in the clinic.

2. Online COVID-19 Screening and Aesthetic Interest Survey. Patients will fill-out the online COVID-19 screening as well as Belo’s AI-powered pre-consult Aesthetic Interest Questionnaire (AIQ) at their own time and convenience before arriving at the clinic.

3. Non-contact temperature check, hand sanitation, and use of disinfecting foot bath will be required from everyone before entering the clinic.

4. Wearing of face masks is mandatory while inside the clinic premises.

5. Social distancing will be practiced in the clinic at all times. Appointments will be managed and companions will temporarily disallowed unless necessary to reduce the number of persons in the reception area. Walk-ins will be highly discouraged at this time so it will be best to book in advance.

6. Cashless payments are highly encouraged. Belo accepts PayPal, PayMaya, GCash, WeChat Pay, and AliPay, depending on the clinic branch.

7. Thorough disinfection and sanitation of rooms after every patient using state-of-the-art medical-grade far-UVC disinfection device will be conducted.

8. PURE Wellness Certification and installation of Air Intellipure® Systems. All surfaces and air-handling ducts of all Belo clinics and offices will be bacteria and virus shielded using Air Intellipure’s patented bacteriostatic barrier used to repel microorganisms. Medical grade air purification units will also be installed in all areas including every single. The system is 40x more effective than HEPA filters found in hospital laboratories and critical care units and not just captures but electrocutes 99.99% of all particles and microorganisms.

9. All Belo employees will be provided with the necessary PPEs to protect themselves such as hazmat, face shield, mask, gloves, and booties.

Is It Safe To Go To Skin And Beauty Clinics Now?


Is It Safe To Go To Skin And Beauty Clinics Now?

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