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Charo Santos-Concio And Pili Ani: The Partnership That Celebrates Women's Grace, Strength, And Beauty In All Ages

The homegrown wellness and skincare brand couldn't have picked a better ambassador for Pili Ali Ageless Concentrate, a product formulated with some of nature's best kept beauty secrets

Charo Santos-Concio didn't become Charo Santos-Concio because she was a small player in the industry.

She is who she is today all thanks to a growing roster of professional accomplishments—her longevity as a Kapamilya, her onscreen magnetism as an actress, host and interviewer, her contributions to ABS-CBN's most successful television and film titles, and her service in the company's executive board—and her admirable personal feats as a mother and woman. 

Hers is a name that evokes poised endurance, grace at all times, and strength that only grows and never diminishes over time. As Charo Santos-Concio continues to tell her story much like the hundreds she's shared with her loyal audiences, her journey coincides with that of another Filipino icon, this time, in beauty.

Enter, Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate, a signature product formulated with the belief that every person possesses their own blend of beauty and strength that comes from within—one uniquely composed of their struggles and successes, missteps made and lessons learned from them, dreams and ambitions.

And with this, it was an obvious choice. For the proudly Filipino brand, making Charo Santos-Concio the face of Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate tells us all that both are mirrored perfectly in the other: just as Charo Santos-Concio's life has, Pili Ani encourages individuals to embrace themselves for everything they are and stands for resilience, passion, and compassion. 


On matters of embracing yourself, inside and out, in good times and in bad

Reflections on self-love and fully accepting who you are have always been relevant for Charo Santos-Concio, what with her career deeply steeped in an industry that values perfection above all else, often unrealistically so. And in this time when technology plays on our desire to enhance what is naturally "us," she pushes back against the pressure to appear flawless and unblemished, both in a physical and personal sense.

She doesn't hide from the truth that she's faced adversity and that some setbacks have been more difficult to overcome than others. According to her, there's no other way to allow your most authentic self—and the most real, purest beauty that lies within—than to embrace yourself fully. 

Pili Ani strongly advocates for the same. Its name tells of the source of many of its products—the pili tree, a treasure trove of all-natural pili and elemi oils that when expertly formulated, become the backbone of the best beauty concoctions out in the market today. 

Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate in particular makes use of these oils' most magical properties, resulting in users' complexions glowing from within and retaining suppleness and freshness.

Proudly Filipino Beauty Brand Pili Ani Debuts On The Home Shopping Network


Proudly Filipino Beauty Brand Pili Ani Debuts On The Home Shopping Network

On having the strength and resilience to endure

Charo Santos-Concio might be an invincible woman in her audience's eyes, but when the cameras stop rolling, she too must jump life's hurdles and scale its walls. As a mom who has had to balance a busy working life and the duties of parenthood, she is all too familiar with the struggles of finding the time, the motivation, and the love to keep going.

Much of these experiences of hers are reflected in the events that strikes Pili Ani's home base—Bicol, home of the pili trees that supply the brand with its most important ingredients. It's a province wrecked by natural calamities all too often, with its agricultural resources including its pili trees taking the brunt of the blow. Yet year after year, calamity after calamity, the pili trees endure and continue to provide for all those who cultivate them for their multi-use bounties, including Pili Ani. 

This special brand of resilience is bottled up beautifully in Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate, and it's released with each application of the potent product rich in anti-oxidants. No matter the age of the user, they can expect their skin to become more resilient to environmental stressors as well as the effects of time.

Editor’s Pick: Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate For Reducing Fine Lines and Lift


Editor’s Pick: Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate For Reducing Fine Lines and Lift

On using using personal success for the welfare of others

No one will doubt Charo Santos-Concio's earned spot in the industry. She has a body of work to support this, but more importantly, her dedication to using her influence and success to be of service to others show that she's more than just a woman of personal success.

Throughout her career, she's uplifted the lives of many, and the same can be said for Pili Ani; the brand values the farming communities that are essential to its supply chain, putting their interests at front and center. Ethical and sustainable farming practices are part and parcel of the Pili Ani brand, an aspect that lets Pili Ani say that they, and Ma'am Charo herself, truly know what it means to make a product that preserves and brings out the best kind of beauty.