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We Found the Serum That’s Perfect for Our Weather

Tired of serums that leave a heavy feel on your skin? No worries—the Clarins Double Serum Light will leave your skin feeling its best, even in the heat of the tropics!

Living in Philippines’ forever summer, that humid, sticky feeling on our skin is all too familiar—and the last thing we want is to add even more heaviness to this discomfort. Thus, we’re always on the lookout for lightweight formulations that leave us fresh and glowing amidst the sweltering heat.

Good thing that the beauty market is a treasure trove of formulas of all sorts. And in our quest to find the best gems out there, we’ve finally discovered a holy grail serum that’s perfect for our country’s weather. It’s time to grab a bottle of the new Clarins Double Serum Light Texture—a heaven-sent product that will instantly become a favorite among your stash!


The brand’s well-loved iconic product, now available in a revamped formulation, gets an airy twin that’s perfect for oily skin types, or even just for ladies who want a non-heavy and -sticky formula! Imagine the Clarins Double Serum—but 50% lighter in texture—and you get all its promise of smooth, radiant and youthful skin minus the fuss.

Like the original Double Serum, the Double Serum Light is packed with 21 uniquely potent plant extracts combined with Clarins’ double formula innovation. Thus, this potion easily gets absorbed into the skin and penetrates deep down to address our skin concerns. Among its hero ingredients include turmeric that fights visible signs of aging, organic leaf of life that boosts hydration, and orthosiphon that visibly minimizes pores. As a dual serum, this innovation also boasts of the perfect ratio of water and oil soluble components that restores balance in our skin.


The result: radiance at your skin’s best. And while you enjoy that incredibly nice, bare skin finish that the Clarins Double Serum Light gives, you’ll never have to worry about piling additional skincare products as this single product already has all your skin needs covered! It’s specifically made with the normal- and oily-skin types in mind, as well as those living in humid climates—aka the Philippines. So you can rest assured that it’s a total and perfect match!


So whether you’re heading to even hotter islands in our best destinations or enjoying the city life, this skincare secret fits in our beauty closets. You can now do your makeup with a fresh, light base as canvas or enjoy a bare luminescence morning or night. Clarins Double Serum Light allows you your best skin—whether you encounter rain or shine, every single day!

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