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Clean Beauty Products Top Mom Influencers Swear By

The eco-conscious beauty industry has grown exponentially in the past few years with more and more beauty brands offering products that claim to not only be ethical and sustainable, but particularly beneficial for our health as well. Discerning consumers are increasingly becoming more and more mindful about what they put on their skin, as many of the ingredients in these products are absorbed through the skin and eventually into the bloodstream. And considering how easily the probable toxins found in mainstream skincare products can be absorbed into our system, we have began to realize just how dramatically our beauty choices can affect our overall health and well-being. 


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If you're one of those that hope to switch to a more natural and organic beauty routine, you're in luck, as we talked with three top mom influencers in the country, to find out the products they swear by. So whether you’re looking for a moisturizer that soothes severely dry skin or a plant that promotes clear and glowing skin, get ready—for these products are about to become your best friends!  


Kelly Misa-Fernandez

Photo: @kellymisa


1. Papaw Ointment

"I discovered this when I was trying to find a solution to my son Tristan's diaper rash when he was just a newborn. This came highly recommended and it really works! I use this until now to moisturize severely dry skin and to heal small cuts and wounds."

Dr. Pawpaw Ointment. Shop here!


2. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste

"This product is super effective! It keeps your underarms smelling fresh and clean for 24 hours straight. But while it is an effective deodorant, it is not an anti-perspirant so that might take a little getting used to. At this point though, I am okay with it, as I've read studies that our underarms really do have to 'breathe.'"

Shop here!


3. Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oil

"I bring this with me when I travel (especially the peppermint to prevent dizziness and nausea), and these organic essential oils have to proven to be more effective than taking medicine. So happy to have discovered this!"

Available at Rustan's. Shop here!


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Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez

Photo: @mikaelamartinez


Aloe Vera plant

"Well, there are several brands and products I buy that are “natural” but I also swear by aloe vera plants. To use this, you just basically break off a leaf and leave it inside the refrigerator. Use the gel when it’s cold—it’s a great moisturizer, especially after major sun exposure. You can use it on the face and body!"


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Jackie Go

Photo: @gojackiego


Beach Born, Human Nature, The Body Shop, Zenutrients, Ellana

"I love using natural products because they're gentle on my skin (I have PCOS), and so I try to use products that are made of natural ingredients. Here are some of my favorites:"


Shop the Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract here!


Shop the Beach Born Witch Hazel Wash here!


Shop the Human Heart Nature All Natural Deodorant Stick in Powder Fresh here!


Shop the Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Oil here!


The Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask, at Power Plant Mall


The Body Shop Tea Tree Targeted Gel, at Power Plant Mall


Shop Zenutrients Papaya Sunscreen SPF 50 here!


Shop Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner here!


Shop Ellana Mineral Foundation Powder here!


Lead photos from @gojackiego, @kellymisa and @mikaelamartinez