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Cosmetic Procedures In A Bottle Is A Thing!

If you clicked on this article, then chances are you're also a skincare enthusiast like us! Any talk of the latest Korean sheet mask or game-changing moisturizer will get our inner beauty junkies excited! We're always down to try the latest cutting-edge beauty treatments out there, but with so many options out in the market today, making claims that often sound too good to be true, it can really be hard to determine which actually works and not. 

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In an intimate event hosted by iFace Inc. just recently, Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals Philippines was launched to the local beauty market. Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals is an Australian skincare brand that bridges the gap between our regular skincare products and cosmetic surgery. Their products boasts of having prices that are a fraction of the cost of a cosmetic procedure without the risks and complications of going under surgeries. This does not mean you don't get visible results! Now that's a win-win!



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Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals offers a range of products that have been developed with leading research institutes and skin specialists to address specific skin problems we encounter daily. Here, we give a rundown of their best products that will probably convince you to skip the invasive procedure and try slathering on some cream instead!


Skin Doctors Beetox

If the idea of Botox or fillers ever crossed your mind, it might be worth looking at this skincare alternative called Beetox. This product targets fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. It also helps increase collagen levels, leaving the skin healthier and visibly younger. 


Skin Doctors Eyetuck

Are you concerned about the dark circles under your eyes? Worry no more, as this genius skincare product helps you minimize the puffiness and bags under your eyes—and take note, it promises to provide results in as little as just 15 days. It reduces the pooling of water in the undereye area too, and increases the appearance of elasticity.


Skin Doctors Super Moist 

Great skin, to retain youthfulness, requires excellent moisturization and hydration. Make sure to combat dry skin with a product that increases your skin’s moisture levels, and provides environmental protection for 24 hours. 



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